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From February 1 to March 30 exhibitors can request 2012 Intersolar Intersolar AWARD. The winners are the international companies that have demonstrated its capacity for innovation, with excellent services and products. 5Th anniversary will see once again the jury prize to the three winners of the categories of "Solar power", "Solar thermal technology" and "PV production technology".
For the first time Intersolar China exhibitors are invited to submit their applications together with exhibitors of Intersolar Europe in Munich, Intersolar North America in San Francisco and at Intersolar India in Mumbai.
New award category begins with "solar projects in North America"
Prizes will be delivered to the areas specified during a special ceremony in Intersolar Europe from June 13, 2012 from 4: 30 pm. Celebrating its anniversary, the Intersolar award has a new addition to its portfolio with the introduction of a new category of award, entitled "Solar projects", from 2012. "The projects of solar energy in North America" is the prize in the category for the first time in this field. Projects in the following fields are eligible for submission: "Building Solar", "Industrial and commercial use", as well as "useful projects". In the same way, the Intersolar award also is being presented in this category as part of Intersolar North America in San Francisco on July 10, 2012.
A total of 301 innovations from 25 countries have been included in the Intersolar AWARD since its inception. Therefore, not only the number of entries which are shot every year, but also makes it the quality of applications - for the organizers, this underlines the great respect for this special prize in the industry, which sheds light on the winners and their products to the global solar industry to admire.
The future of solar power at Intersolar Europe
In 2011, the increase in the newly installed PV capacity reached a new record, both in Germany and around the world. Impressive applications for the Intersolar award shed light on how the industry deals with the challenges presented by this increase.
Reduce the cost of the modules and systems continues to be one of the most important areas of the development of the industry to successfully install photovoltaic systems more. Applications of last year included profitable installation systems, as well as the innovations of cells and modules. In this regard, Intersolar exhibitors based on new materials, as in the films used for subsequent sheets of photovoltaic modules, as well as new production methods, that increase the lifetime and efficiency long-term solar cells. Companies have also had success in its commitment to other important areas of development, including the safety of plant and savvy investors to network monitoring, performance optimized feed-in. Applications based on attractive architectural solutions for the integration of the construction have also seen a welcome increase.
Cost reduction also plays a key role in Solar thermal technology
The category of Solar thermal technology companies will also present impressive and innovative advances in Intersolar Europe. The comments based on systems of new collectors to demonstrate solar thermal industry taking advantage of the new fields of application, in addition to the traditional areas of heating of water and heating support. These new systems include the solar cooling, heat generation of process, combined production of heat and electricity, and to small and medium-scale energy generation.
Cost reduction also plays a key role. Impressive applications from previous years have demonstrated that the costs can actually be cut with new production methods, or through the use of aluminum as the absorbent. The industry has been deepened in new areas of application in recent years, in particular with regard to the integration of the different sources of heat system and the use of solar heat for industrial and municipal applications.
These are just a few examples of products and pioneering, which represent innovative solar industry strength and innovations that have shaped the Intersolar AWARD in recent years. And 2012 is no different - exhibitors and visitors can again look forward to new trends and solutions from around the world.
Para el podio
El Premio Intersolar 2012 se presenta en las siguientes categorías: "Energía fotovoltaica", "Tecnología Solar Térmica", "Tecnología de la Producción PV", y, por primera vez, "Los proyectos solares". "Los proyectos de energía solar en América del Norte" es el primer premio en la categoría de "Proyectos Solar" de campo.
Los participantes de "Energía fotovoltaica", "Tecnología Solar Térmica" y "tecnología fotovoltaica de producción" categorías pueden entrar en productos, servicios y soluciones que son para debutar en Intersolar Europe o Intersolar North America 2012, o que fueron expuestas en Intersolar India o China en Intersolar 2011. Los refinamientos de productos y soluciones previamente presentados en la exposición también se permiten. Los trabajos deben haber sido procesado o ya debe estar en uso industrial.
PROYECTOS QUE ENTRAN EN "Edificio Solar", "Uso Industrial y Comercial", o "Proyectos de escala de servicios públicos" puede ser sometida a los "Proyectos Solares" categoría. Para ser elegibles, los proyectos deben ser completado en el momento de su presentación al Premio Intersolar y no debe haber más de dos años de edad. Los expositores en Intersolar Europe 2012, Intersolar North America 2012, China 2011 y Intersolar Intersolar India 2011 son elegibles para participar.
Ceremonia oficial el 13 de junio de 2012 a las 4:30 pm en Intersolar Europe en Munich
Los ganadores de este año se decidirá como parte de un proceso de selección en dos partes después de la fecha límite. En la primera fase, un grupo de expertos seleccionará un máximo de diez nominados en cada categoría. Un jurado de expertos, compuesto por especialistas de medios de la ciencia, la industria, la investigación y el comercio, a continuación, selecciona un máximo de tres ganadores de cada categoría. El ganador de la "Producción PV Technology" categoría será elegido por la SEMI PV Group, la asociación mundial de la industria de fabricantes de equipos y materiales que se especializa en energía fotovoltaica.
El Premio Intersolar para "Fotovoltaica", "Tecnología Solar Térmica" y la categoría "Tecnología de Producción PV" será presentado durante una ceremonia oficial el 13 de junio de 2012 a las 4:30 pm en Intersolar Europe en Munich. El ganador de los "Proyectos de energía solar en América del Norte" categoría serán anunciados el 12 de julio de 2012 a las Intersolar North America en San Francisco.
Las empresas que deseen ser considerados para el Premio Intersolar pueden inscribirse en la página web de Intersolar Europe en "Atención al Expositor", "Marketing + Promoción", luego opción de menú "Intersolar AWARD". A continuación, obtener los datos de acceso para descargar los documentos de solicitud. Todas las solicitudes deben ser presentadas el 30 de marzo de 2012.

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