The Difference And Advantages Of Off-grid And On-grid Solar Power Systems

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The Difference And Advantages Of Off-grid And On-grid Solar Power Systems


When fuel and electricity costs rise, the best solution is to install a solar power system. In areas with good sunlight, households installing solar power systems have become very common. Use solar energy to convert it into electrical energy to meet household electricity needs. Nevertheless, first we need to have a basic understanding of solar power system.



Solar power systems are divided into off-grid and on-grid solar systems.

1. Off-grid solar power system

We will design an off-grid solar system according to the electricity needs of different families, which can generate enough electricity to meet the needs of the family. This is true even in winter when the sun is insufficient. The most important thing is that because the off-grid solar system is not connected to the grid, storage batteries need to be configured in the system to store excess electricity, in this case the electricity can be used in the absence of sunlight.


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In off-grid solar systems, the high cost of batteries and inverters means that off-grid solar systems are more expensive than other systems, so they are usually suitable for use in areas with poor power facilities, unstable power, or high power costs. However, as the cost of solar power systems is constantly changing and decreasing, even in cities and towns, the demand for off-grid solar systems is increasing.


Advantages of Off-grid solar power system

Off-grid solar system can operate independently, without relying on the grid.

The electricity they produce can be stored in batteries and used at night or on rainy days.

Suitable for remote areas without stable power supply.

Shutdowns and infrastructure faults will not affect the power supply.


2. On-grid solar power system

On-grid solar power system does not store energy through storage batteries, and inputs electrical energy into the public grid through inverters. In other words, solar power generation, home power grid, and public power grid are linked together. This is a power generation system that must rely on the existing grid to operate.

Unlike off-grid solar systems, due to safety reasons, the on-grid system is unable to work and generate electricity during a blackout on the public grid.



Advantages of On-grid solar power system

On-grid solar systems are extremely cost-effective and easy to install.

By balancing electricity bills within 3 to 8 years, you can recover the cost of expenditure.

Resident users may get income from the surplus energy generated by the system.



Home solar power systems must provide enough power to meet the electricity needs of all households. After understand the differences and advantages of on-grid and off-grid solar systems, you can choose between the two systems to meet your needs. With the right solar system and the correct installation, you can use clean and economical energy.

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