St. Louis Cardinals cooking with solar energy for home series

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It was perhaps not every sunshine weighs on the St. Louis Cardinals ' home opening series have, but the stadium will be cooking with solar energy in the course of the season. "

Solar Power for Home Series

St. Louis Cardinals fans can taste not the difference, but the next hot dog they consume at Busch Stadium could be boiled with electricity from solar energy. The Cardinals have energy stage bringing electrical connection, and Sachs electric, done together with headquarters in Fenton, to solar power to Bush for the first time ever according to a press release with Microgrid. Some food, beverage and retail are now driven by 106 solar panels and produced around 32,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.
"This is all part of the St. Louis Cardinals ' commitment to Green game be", said Joe Abernathy, Vice President, stadium operations. "Since the stadium was opened in 2006, we were able, our energy consumption by 20% and reduce water consumption by 10 percent."
The Cardinals celebrate "Day of the Sun" at the Busch Stadium during the home game on April 29 and a variety of activities and events will continue on the game and throughout the day.
"We were thrilled, with the world champion St. Louis Cardinals are working on this project, not only because they are one of the cornerstones in St. Louis, but also because the solar system has the potential to far-reaching effects have a in terms of education and awareness of solar energy," said Microgrid CEO, Rick Hunter in the press release.


The two are solar panels on the roof of the building on the ticket Clark Street and on a canopy in the left centerfield bleachers at the Ford family Plaza. To increase the awareness of solar energy, an educational kiosk is providing information about the project and solar energy in General installed in Ford family Plaza. In addition, Microgrid has power is a website dedicated to the installation created. (Visit / Cardinals)
"We are proud to team with the Cardinals, Microgrid energy and electro-Sachs on solar energy to Busch Stadium introduction for the first time", said Jim Curran, Executive Vice President for the electrical connection. "It is a great opportunity to the community our future hire hometown turning in another team." "Our qualified IBEW A local electrician and the local NECA contractors that employ them"
The electrical connection is a partnership of the International Brotherhood of electrical workers (IBEW) local one and the St. Louis chapter, national electrical contractors Association (NECA).
The two solar systems - from SCHOTT Solar in the United States - produce electricity, made in the stadium electrical distribution feeds and mixes with the stream from the network for use in the entire Stadium. There are no batteries and all the energy produced is used in the stadium. The solar energy is balanced by the grid power Stadium operations used, thus electrical bills. Although a relatively small percentage of the stadium is the offset power use, it will result in a large amount of savings over the lifetime of the system.
"Sachs electric has served the Cardinals for more than 70 years, including the lighting and electronic scoreboard at sportsman's Park for the first night game of ever in St. Louis played.", said Joe Barnard, Vice President at Sachs electric. "It is a pleasure, the Cardinals lead a new era of renewable energy in a way that educates the public also help."

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