Special Relationship with the Solar Water Heating in Israel

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Necessity is the mother of the Jewish invention. Solar energy has been a priority for Israel since the founding of the nation, solar energy regulations have been in force there since 1980. Israel was the first country to make compulsory the solar thermal energy in all new residential buildings. The plan was to reduce dependence on energy imports abroad, since the country has no oil reserves, but the Sun is abundant.
According to a study by the European Federation of the thermal Solar industry, extensive network today part of Israel of solar heating systems provides more than 8 per cent of the energy in the country. A combination of economies of scale, along with awareness and education has given rise to enormous costs for the solar energy reduction in Israel, the average that takes time there for the energy savings to pay for the cost of solar installations is only about three years.
These days solar thermal water heating installations are a normal component of almost every household in the nation. Almost 90 per cent of all Israeli homes use solar thermal energy to heat the water, and many buildings are completely powered by the Sun.
The arid country is not only a world leader in the use of solar thermal energy, but also in the recycling of water and clean technologies. In relation to its small size, Israel has invested more resources in the treatment of waste water and recovery of research than any other country in the world. A whopping 70 percent of the water used is now recycled.
All of these innovations, many have made the country one of the main leaders in sustainable energy, and demonstrate that clean energy is not only viable, but also necessary. However, as the prices of energy and heat continue to rise, many inspiring progressive achievements of Israel energy clean also demonstrate the far are here in the United States. Our country needs to invest in the creation of a vibrant network of solar power now, simply makes sense.
Using the power of the Sun to heat the water is one of the simplest ways you can make your home more efficient energy. Heating water typically represents 40 percent of the costs of an average family monthly energy. Conversion to low-cost solar thermal water heating is a great first step, that will not only allow us to use a much more clean, affordable and sustainable energy supply, but also to create jobs and help our nation to be energy-independent.

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