Spanish power firms partner with BrightSource Energy to form solar power alliance

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Tahfsefk to Abengoa and Torresol Energy firms have joined forces with the American Energy BrightSource to form the Alliance of concentration of solar energy (CSPA).

The organization intends to educate regulators of United States, public services and the network operators about the benefits of solar power (CSP) concentration and thermal energy storage.
CSP Alliance executive director Tex Wilkins said concentrating solar power technology is the only renewable resource that is able to harness the energy of the Sun to produce reliable, cost-effective and despachable electricity.
"We believe that the CSP with the ability to send electricity when it is needed is essential to meet the energy challenges facing the world and United States," said Wilkins.
Torresol Energy vice President of development of Felicia Bellows said through the new partnership, the company hoped to promote solar thermal energy as a sustainable source of energy and thus contribute to the protection of the environment for future generations.
The strategy of the Alliance's mission is to promote the growing adoption and implementation of CSP plants and will promote policies to foster and promote the deployment of CSP technology in the nation.
CSP technologies used mirrors to focus the Sun's thermal energy to power a conventional steam turbine.
Currently there are about 500 MW of solar thermal power plants operating in the United States.UU. and more than 1,300 MW of worldwide solar thermal plants are under construction, with gigawatts many more in development.

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