Some benefists of solar water heater's mixing valve

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Mixing valves provide the following benefits for solar water heating systems:

Solar Water Heater (7)

The temperature of the water is directly discharged from a solar water heater of 10C or more may vary. This may be due to the tolerance of the input control devices, temperature changes and stacking water (higher water temperatures at the top of the water heater). Use of a thermostatic mixing valve ensures constant output temperature of water, even with variations in the temperature of hot water or cold water.
If a water heater is operated at lower temperatures, high demand situations flow can result in a temperature reduction of hot water supply when the recovery time of the water heater is not sufficient for the flow demand . Using a hot water extender or mixing valve allows the water heater to operate at higher temperatures, extends the type system of cash flow and preventing the growth of Legionella.
To be able to supply peak demand for domestic hot water is often necessary to provide high capacity water heaters with high recovery rates. Using a hot water extender can reduce the size requirements / BTU capacity needed to provide maximum system demand.

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