Solar power system application in architecture

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Today, all humanity is facing a crisis of climate change, air pollution and resource shortages. Sustainable development has become the goal pursued by the society. While pursuing environmental protection and energy conservation, people try every means to apply solar energy technology to all aspects of life. For example, the function and beauty of architecture is what people have been pursuing. Combining solar technology with architectural design, energy-saving buildings have become an inevitable trend in the future development of buildings, and green buildings have emerged. Let's take a look at how solar energy is applied in buildings.


1, The application of the building's exterior wall

In green buildings, the exterior wall is most susceptible to sunlight, so it is the easiest to collect solar energy and provide the necessary conditions for the construction of solar PV systems. Therefore, the exterior wall is the most widely used part of the photovoltaic power generation system, which can convert a large amount of solar energy into electrical energy.

Therefore, many PV system designers place solar panels close to the exterior wall, or combine with glass windows to beautify solar panels into glass walls. It can not only achieve concentrated collection of solar energy, reduce energy consumption of green buildings, but also improve the aesthetics of green buildings after proper layout and beautification.


2, The application on the building sunroof

Compared with the exterior wall, the contact area between the skylight and the sunlight is not large, but it can reduce the influence on indoor lighting, and cooperate with the solar panel to enhance the shading effect of the building. The installation of PV power generation system on the skylight is not only feasible, but also avoids direct sunlight and improves the utilization rate of the PV power generation area.


3, The application on the roof of the building

In green buildings, although the roof cannot receive the same solar energy as the outer wall, its lighting performance is much better than that of the skylight. In addition, since the roof is parallel to the horizontal plane and above the ground, there is less sunlight obstruction. Therefore, when laying out solar PV power generation system on the roof, it is not necessary to consider the angle problem, and it is only necessary to ensure the maximum area coverage of the solar power board.

In addition, since the roof is independent of the entire building and is susceptible to natural disasters, it will seriously affect the service life. These are the issues that designers need to consider before installation.


4, In other aspects of the application

In green buildings, there are many parts that can carry solar power systems. And these parts are able to receive a certain amount of sunlight. For example, a balcony visor can house solar panels and provide electrical energy when shaded. Not only can it be insulated, but it can also collect sunlight. Although these parts can carry solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, it is necessary to consider fireproof, waterproof and other issues to provide a safe and stable environment.


Solar energy is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, pollution-free, low-cost green energy source. In order to truly realize the organic combination of solar energy and architecture, we must vigorously promote the use of solar energy products in architecture and in all aspects of life. In addition to solar PV systems, solar heating systems, solar water heating systems, solar air conditioner systems, etc. can be combined to improve the utilization and economy of solar technology in all aspects of life.

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