Solar hot water system And A Tankless Heater

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Became a buzz around the solar hot water system. If you have a good, knowledgeable contractor solar water system with instant water heater works very well.

Here are some that you can expect that when combined, the advantages  of both systems.

Solar water system


1. Preheated water from the solar water heating system will increase the flow of hot water, a tankless unit. The reason is due to the fact tankless heating a pre-warmed water, to reduce the required temperature rise. The amount of the hot water, a water heater can be provided depending on the input temperature. 
The necessary temperature rise larger slower water can pass through the heat exchanger and the output flow is slower. 45F and 70F and 100F of the inflow of water will have on the a tankless system output, very different results.
2. Water is already warm or even hot tankless unit, so add the associated waiting time and tankless unit can be reduced or even eliminated before entering the light from the sun.

3. Its important, considering tankless unit to identify the temperature of the incoming as well as outgoing, and can be sufficiently adjusted when the combination of tankless and solar water heater burner (Thus, the required amount of gas only burning a 

temperature increase to a suitable amount).

Solar hot water system


4. With the right tankless units and the appropriate size of the solar system, you may find that your water heater rarely need to run. In fact, some people find that their gas bills, cost only a few dollars, rather than a few hundred dollars.

The solar system can be a bit tricky, because we have in Ontario and the Toronto winter, the solar system (if it fails), you may encounter freeze. This rupture thermal collector cells to make it invalid. This may be necessary, the use of a glycol system to prevent freezing, if the power goes off.
Your contractor should be able to provide all the necessary information, or fill out the contact form, we can help.

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