Solar Water Heating System for Swimming Pool

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Solar Pool Heating System

Aquatherm industries, Inc. Announces, it has the industry's highest performance rating ™ has received for open solar pool panels with its flagship product, ECOSUN. The announcement comes after competitive product Heliocol received updated performance test results from the solar rating & Certification Commission (SRCC), an independent third-party certification agency for solar collectors. Discovered once again testing the Heliocol collector, Aquatherm ECOSUN ™ collector is twice as efficient in provision of heat at the times of the year when pool owner most in need warm water on average.
Introduced in 1990, the ECOSUN ™ solar swimming pool heating offered an innovative approach to the problem of humidity and wind relief ventilation on roof systems. At the time, popular opinion to the venting was to separate unglazed solar pool collectors in each tube. While this design wind pressure or humidity concerns eliminated, dramatically reduced surface and then performance.
The inherent error in this "loose-tube" design, which is used by Heliocol (in addition to other manufacturers) is its inability to protect, namely a ruling cooler ambient air swimming pool water moves through the collectors from exposure to the elements (outside) air temperature. As discovered by SRCC thermal performance tests, as the difference between the atmosphere and the desired temperature pool exceeds 9 degrees F (such as ambient temperature = 76 ° F;) Pool-Temperatur = 85 degrees F), a loose-tube construction performance suffers a lot due to the effects of wind and reflection in the atmosphere.


Vice versa, with direct involvement of openings in his signature Sun updated "Tube and Web-design," Aquatherm the ECOSUN ™ provides a unique improvement over tube solar collector designs. The first uses the ECOSUN ™ collector a patented air release method in which no material is removed from the product. To present wind scenarios, in adverse weather conditions, it is these proprietary ventilation system that enabled the relief of the potential concerns. Secondly, ™ ribbed hose ECOSUN is a 10% increase in the surface to form the collector maximum surface temperature of the exposure to the Sun Solar thermal energy.
After SRCC certification, to the same 76 degrees F clear day ECOSUN ™ collector 86% efficient at heating a pool up to 85 degrees F. In addition, found SRCC test Heliocol the loose-tube construction was completely unable to perform with cooler weather, while the Aquatherm ECOSUN ™ collector is still around 30% efficiency - provision of warmth even in the season unusually cool temperatures.
About Aquatherm
Aquatherm industries, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of solar pool heaters in the United States, the only US manufacturer of NSF solar pool heaters, and the only US solar collector manufacturer ISO 9001: 2008 quality standard to achieve. Aquatherm provides a number of industry-leading brands of solar pool heating collectors, including the solar industries and heating Panel collectors.
The entire manufacturing process is Aquatherm in its 50,000-square-foot Technology Center in Lakewood, New Jersey - the most modern facility of its kind in the world. (For more information on Aquatherm industries, its products or its dealer network, contact Molly friar, Aquatherm sales & Marketing Manager at 1-800-535-6307, extension 226 or by email at mfriar (at) hot water system dot) com.

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