Solar Water Heaters Instead Of Traditional Electrical Ones

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Domestic Solar Water Heater

To combat the energy crisis, the constantly damp Ho Chi Minh City that encourage people, solar water heaters use rather than traditional electric.
Editor's Note: CNET editor and crave post Dong spends part of NGO December in his native Viet Nam and the file of occasional broadcasts chronicle his impressions how technology culture has imbued with there. Click here for more Dong stories from abroad.
HO Chi Minh City, Viet Nam - it took a few minutes to realize how fully is Ho Chi Minh City, and a few hours to the first power outage experience. Welcome to the dry season of the South.
The season lasts from November to April. It is when this part of the country experienced its most serious energy shortage, with rolling blackouts is in HCM several times weekly, if not daily.
(In contrast to the four seasons the South of Viet Nam is North of the country, only two seasons-.) Dry and rainy yet is it is that it is hot throughout the year in Ho Chi Minh City mostly sunny to, with the exception of a few. Weeks around Christmas, when it is a bit cool, about 60 degrees F. (However, it is always damp here and you want to shower safe a few times a day.)
Most companies, and even some households here, a backup power generators. Drive around the city at any given time, and the chances are, to see in operation of these, some.
With sharp population growth, Ho Chi Minh City, houses about 10 million, stands in front of an apparent crisis. According to HCM City power company, is the demand for electricity now about 1,000 to 2,500 megawatts per day.
The Sun: to fight, to this the city a source of energy, it has a lot turned himself. Since July was a program designed to companies that produce and sell solar powered devices, including water heater and lighting supported.
I found out about this quite by accident, when I got on the roof of the home of a friend, to see the city. I ran it in something that I've never seen: a solar water heater.
The machine includes a large solar cell and a water tank. The Panel consists of 18 glass pipes made of stainless steel aluminium nitride Cermet, that work as solar-absorbing layer. The collected heat is then used to warm up the water in the tank.
Chau Nguyen, the owner of the House, the 180 - litre is to replace enough, four electric hot water heater (40 gallons) tank previously in four bathroom of their home. This Exchange saves you about $10 per month on their electric bills.
(If you have followed my series of blogs from here, you'll see that there is a lot of Nguyen.) The truth is, about 7 out of 10 Vietnamese have the surname Nguyen. During my trip, it seems like almost all the I ' ve in has run these last name.)
From the top of her house, I could and many other buildings and houses in the city with the Chair
same type of water heaters installed. There are many sizes, but is the most popular for a private house which at Chau used.

Chau said she paid 13 million dong ($760) to have the machine installed, both parts and labor,Commercial Use Solar Water Heater including new pipes and other accessories. That price is after a 1 million dong ($60) subsidy by the government, an incentive for the switch from using a traditional water heater to the solar one.
TIt gives Vietnamese Government since this incentive since the beginning of the year with the objective of the implementation about 30,000 solar water heaters in operation by 2013. As it turns out, many parts of the country have taken part, but HCM, thanks to its special weather conditions, has the largest distribution.

The five year programme to make aware the people from the advantages of the use of solar energy, although it seems to me, that many more green to savings and the availability of resources than itself. "Now we have more hot water, even in case of power failure," Chau said.
Nevertheless, the country now imported hundreds of thousands of solar-power-related equipment annually. HCM City energy conservation Center, could help the 30,000 solar water heaters, save up to 57 million kilowatt hours of electricity and greenhouse gas emissions by 23.541 tonnes per year.
While these figures are difficult to understand, I thought, it was really cool to know that the hot shower I took only in the hotel part came directly from the Sun.
Sunbathing is redefined. And I love my Tan.

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