Solar Water Heater for home pool

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High quality Swimming Pool use Solar Water Heate


Solaris cool one, has developed what many people would expect be already commonplace: an air conditioning runs off the Sun.
This week is the California-based company launches the SolCool millennia version 4, which she calls a hybrid-solar-air conditioning.
The air conditioner - sufficient to cool the room of a large room - can be operated on solar panels from a wall outlet or in a pinch, batteries.
Independence from the power source, the system significantly to reduce the cost of electricity, according to company executives. Potentially, if they used units in a comprehensive manner, they could reduce the chances of the summer power outages, often caused because homes and buildings turning on their air conditioning systems. The unit operates with maximum 500 Watts, far less than half what typical eat air conditioning units.
"Air conditioning takes the greatest load on the power grid." "We try to use small PV (photovoltaic) cells and with 18,000 BTU (a unit of energy) of air conditioning systems", said Roger Pruitt, the President of SolCool and GPM, the research and development and production arm of the company.
The system includes batteries, which can run the device for 12 or 24 hours, depending on the size of the battery.
"So, if it a power failure or if there is no sun, can you run it the batteries" Pruitt said.
The latest version can also heat a room and has equipment for the purification of water and other ongoing DC (direct current) devices, such as lamps and ceiling fans.
The SolCool system, which was in development for approximately four years, favors of the consumers and businesses is one of a growing number of energy-efficient products. With high energy prices and concerns about the pollution, manufacturers, energy efficiency are a priority in product design.
Air conditioners generally consume much energy and are taxed to the power grids. Since the need for cooling is during the day, often on auxiliary generators in very hot days to demand justice utilities.
These tips in the energy requirements, if they are not met, cause power outages or drops. Also the consumers pay the highest rate for electricity during this time of the day.
Solaris cool the unit can when going solar gradually be thought. Putting can cost $20,000 to $40,000 before subsidies solar panels on the roof, to installers, a price tag that makes some consumers balk. But by solar power is for smaller sticker shock subsided.
Some companies put out that solar water heaters, the approximately $7,000 cost to gain popularity in this way.


The latest SolCool an energy efficiency (EER) of 30, according to SolCool. (The ratio is calculated by calculating the cooling capacity by Watt-hours). Air conditioning similar cooling performance with an EER of 9.7 meet the Federal Energy Star rating standard, by the US Department of energy.
Sam little that tested President who has energy renewable energy of Installer EcoVantage in Weatherford, Texas, the earlier versions of SolCool air conditioning. He said that, when 18,000 BTUs, the devices are not large enough to cool a very large House, but work well for a few rooms or on another system to complement. He estimated the previous version uses a quarter of the electricity from other air conditioning systems.
Needing 500 Watts, could SolCool it on five or six medium-sized panels run, that the size for a complete building would cost only a fraction of a solar system.
Cool Solaris has optimized the air conditioner run produced the DC of solar panels or batteries to the alternating current from the electrical plug. Building the product for direct current enabled the company runs a very energy efficient product, which off-grid can also build, Pruitt said. (In standard solar plants that produce plate DC, but then he switches in AC, to a device called an inverter before you use them in your home.)
The SolCool one sealed, two liter water tank, chilled water, which sucks the air conditioner during a current cooling.
He said small requests regularly receives for solar air conditioners.

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