Solar Water Heater Market Outlet: Industrial Use

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Recently, the market for solar water heaters, there are news programs: "the suffering of market of solar water heaters, the brand lost 20 per month." In fact, the situation in China, a diversified market context, is inevitable the development of the industry in the process. In fact, the disappearance of 20 per month is still a conservative brand of the data, we understand that, during the year 2010, China Solar manufacturers of water heaters that becomes almost a thousand.
The market is short
Compact Galvanized steel Solar Water Heater
As a base industry, the solar industry in China originated from a group dedicated to the development of new sources of energy industry "base heroes" and are based on the exploration of the company itself. The rapid development of the industry, and has become the field of "hot" renewable energy, because of the State support to the new energy policy
Published in 2005 with "Renewable energy law" and the rapid development of the industry of goods real estate from 2006-2009, the Chinese industry of solar energy water heater, the historical process marked the beginning of the spring, the market of heaters of water in recent years the growth rate of more than 30%. Especially in 2009, sales of solar water heaters on the market soared, industry production value reached 58 billion yuan, an increase of the three previous years combined. Also in that year, the magnificent twist completed a solar water heater from the "base" for the energy, "hot" industry. Water heater market in 2010 has been reduced 15% growth in 2011 can continue to reduce the rate of growth. Consequent increase in the solar industry market water heaters slowdown due to between time the housing market and the regulatory policies of local governments, the most important factor is that in 2009 solar energy solar water heater to rural areas to accelerate the rapid expansion in the rural market. Policy following the introduction of appliances, many companies to take advantage of the rural market, large efforts for sale is, which is a considerable degree of advancement of the market.
The industry is still confusion
As we all know, the solar water heater using solar energy is an earlier and more mature fields. And China is the world's largest producer of solar water heaters, many years before the boiler on the world market has been fully demonstrated talent. However, until now, solar water heaters in the quality of the product and service complaints are still frequent. Especially in the field in recent years, the operation of energy products solar ", products cannot be used, without service pipes, accessories without protection" and other topics is endless.
Means that nearly 6,000 national business of solar water heaters, the production scale and has the capacity of I + D of the companies of less than 20, the rest are mostly small workshops and some local companies of repute. Testing products, but relations, management quality, the confusion, the backward production technology by pulling, cutting corners and are so common in these small firms, resulting in the order of the market solar heater water and chaos, there are many risks, some companies even in the face a crisis of survival. Make products of solar energy in the overall ease of use of time, the solar industry in China is an essential prerequisite to continue to grow.
In 2011, the market for solar water heaters, innovation is inevitable, in fact, the industrial innovation began from 2010.
Apparatus for policies in the field accelerated the death of the small water heater company. Appliances in the primary position marks of the city and the main direction are high-end products to market in the rural areas, mainly because some SMEs. With the fall of the urban market in recent years, most companies looking to enter the rural market extensive, together with policies for promotion of appliances to boost the rural market has become the main brands in the market, brands are based on its own technology, strength, capacity of the network, the brand and the marketing of the advantages of the systemsuch as direct compression of small and medium-sized enterprises survive.
Split Aluminum alloy Solar Water Heater
In fact, the current use of solar thermal energy at an early stage. As one of the main forms of energy use, our water heaters provide water hot is more than a device to provide hot water from solar energy to the industrial companies to provide heat, they nourish of a larger market. In addition, solar energy construction projects have begun in recent years become a new favorite. "In recent years, used in the construction of solar collectors in the rapid increase of speculation last only the concept of a function of the solar water heaters to provide solar power systems solutions to switch to solar energy as a real energy, to study the different application of State of the environment is also important for the development of the industry trends in solar heating."
Indeed, more extensive use of solar thermal energy for industrial use of space and the generation of solar thermal energy, provided the place to use heat, you can use solar energy.

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