Solar Water Heater Decathlon house built in Norfolk ODU and HU teams work together

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Solar Thermal Collector

NORFOLK, Virginia (wavy) - A House was delivered in four pieces Wednesday in Norfolk, and suitable equipment to make a good-one-one Decathlon Solar House.
The House is in the 48th Street behind Old Dominion University to the student Recreation Center. Unit 6 Unplugged, a joint effort of ODU and Hampton University and its entry into the Solar Decathlon, a contest sponsored by the U.S. Department of energy is called.UU...
"So this area here is the room and as you can see, we have large Windows on the south wall there is." This is one of the ways in which we are receiving passive solar heating in winter ", said the team of Tidewater Virginia Project Manager John Whitelaw."
Part of the challenge is to design, construct and operate the solar house more affordable, attractive and efficient energy.
The Solar Decathlon team members will go the rest of the spring and the summer helping the House take shape.
Solar Thermal Collector (1)
"We have a lot of construction sit, we build the terrace outside of here, we put into a core of utility in our solar systems of investors and hot water heater to go PV." The Windows will be installed at the end of June, said Whitelaw."
There is much more work to be done, but for students who saw the House drawn on paper, today was something as a gift.
"To see this here and set today, what we have described as Christmas, because we have worked on a project for more than one year, some of whom two years, and we see it here actually we can physically walking in a house design is fairly clean", said Hu student Dana Cook.
Another student said that it was a good experience at work.
"To do that, have a house in our resume before graduating from the University is very well," said Hu student Noel Harrison.
The team is going to dismantle the House in the fall and moves to Washington, D.C. for the Solar Decathlon.


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