Solar Thermal Water Heater industry in China increasingly plump wings

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30 years of development process, so the solar thermal industry on the wings of China increasingly fatter, the time, the face of the enormous development international market of solar energy companies in solar energy of China how to improve at the international level? Tongxiang New International Solar Energy analysis of market of foreign markets for solar companies in China in the international bridge built.
I must oblige countries to support policy
In recent years, the exhaustion of traditional sources of energy as the world situation continues to deteriorate, for the development of new energy and the use of all the world has become a strategic long-term development work. For now, the use of solar, wind and other renewable energies, development and attention. In particular, the Conference on climate in Copenhagen in 2009, since Governments have adopted policies to encourage and promote the development of the energy industries. February 15, 2009, the Obama President signed a total of 787 million dollars of "us recovery."UU. "and Reinvestment Act", that focused on the development of new energy industries, the German Government in the development of renewable energies has developed ambitious renewable targets 2020 energy regarding consumption of primary energy of at least 10% (4.6% in 2005), 50% in 2050, 1997, United Kingdom as a member of the European Union, which was held in Tokyo attended the International Summit on energy and environmental protection, and 2010 is committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 12.5%, control Government's objective is reduced by 20%. Not only European and American, countries such as the Middle East, Africa South, India and other regions have also introduced policy to establish the important role of renewable energies, encouraging the development of renewable energy and the use of the rational.
Solar Thermal Market abroad
China is the world is solar water heater to maintain great country, at the end of 2009, the solar energy of China the production of water heater of 4,200 million square metres, the total number of holdings of 1.45 million square metres, representing 78% of the share capital of the world, China solar market of the water heater is an international integral and important part of the market. Grade from the point of view of the consumer, Europe remains the largest consumer of solar water heaters, but United States, Canada, Mexico, represented in North America to South Africa as representative of African markets to Turkey, Syria and other Middle East countries represented market of Middle East is on the rise, applications from the point of view of the productEurope, Australia, and other developed areas represented are products of a solar water heater, and as the Middle East, Africa South, India and other regions closer to demand china market conditions, especially on systems without the pressure. The competitiveness of the product itself from the point of view, the products of vacuum tubes in some mature markets, due to their flat products in relation to the outstanding performance in the winter, and is positioned as a high-end product, but in Europe, the flat plate collectors still has a leading position in the market, products of vacuum or a supplement.

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