Solar Hot Water in South Africa

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Domestic Solar Water Heater

The market of solar water heaters in southern Africa has been a spectacular 2000% growth in the last 14 years the expansion of less than 20 providers in 1997 to more than 400 suppliers in 2011.
In line with global, national trends in market South Africa of the water heating it is moving away from the traditional methods of heating of water, such as geysers conventional towards more energy efficiency measures, water heaters solar namely. Such a situation may be due to the fact that national accounts of heating of water for approximately 40% of the electricity bill of a household in southern Africa and 18% of the electricity consumption of the national country goes to the heating of water for residential, commercial and industrial use.
After the energy crisis in the period 2007-2008, solar water heating became a viable alternative to high demand. Between 2007 and 2010, the market experienced a volatile, plagued with growth of malfunction of the products and the improper installation and application of products. The market started to stabilize somewhat during the second half of 2010 with companies with good CPR - mouth reputation that form efficient networks of distribution, franchises and associations. To these suppliers and installers began to understand the complexities of the climatic conditions of South Africa, such as the solar irradiation and the myriad of ways of installing a solar water heater, the development of the market has carried out in a more orderly manner.
The pressure of the demand that will be placed on the market to manufacture and install these products is exciting. Some research has shown that the manufacture of solar water heaters in southern Africa can be carried out to internationally competitive levels for the types of products of flat plate. Solar water heater installation is approximately four times more manpower than the installation of a conventional geyser. In addition, variables of many skills of the installation of products in different applications necessary to purchase, some of which only you can learn practically: different ceilings, ceiling of restructuring, buildings, pipelines, irradiation latitudinal inclination and other variables.
People believe that the market of solar water heaters in southern Africa is preparing for a second phase of high growth which will be larger than the wave of growth.

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