Solar Collector also serves as greenhouse gas

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Solar collector doubles as greenhouse shade

Solyndra unique solar collector is tested in the agricultural institutions, to eliminate the greenhouse gas light and produce electricity.
Solyndra has found a second job for his solar collector as a shade for greenhouses.
The company communicated on Monday that its solar modules, which a number of solar cells covered glass tubes on agricultural research centres in Italy and the University of California, Davis tested.
A conventional flat solar panel would essentially to block all the light but Solyndra collectors allow that light through the glass tubes coated with thin-film solar cells are allowed through. This provides a diffused light conducive greenhouse plant growth and its available space, can the farmers so that to use the company for the generation of electricity.
"We are the way of this new agricultural solar solution in Italy, where operations with strong exposure to the Sun and a cheap feed-in tariff large shady agriculture drive strong interest and the combined demand", Clemens jargon, President of the Solyndra in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said in a statement.
Solyndra is to expect one of several US-based thin-film companies in the past decade meet solar growth markets with cheaper solar technologies. Solyndra received $535.000.000 from the Department of energy guarantee and is said, $1 billion in private capital raised more than.
These thin-film solar companies are in a tough price competition from European and Chinese suppliers with traditional solar panels. Solyndra last year had to cancel his plans for an initial public offering and a more expensive production in response to the lower global cost

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