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Solar Collector for home hot waterI saw a man on a news show recently talking about his eco-friendly lifestyle. He has the same secluded lodge lives for many years, with so many energy-saving and pollution-free products and devices such as he could. He seemed happy with his life.
One of the things he said was that simple "Breadbox" solar system on the roof of his house, a system that he and a neighbor in more than 20 years had used. He liked it because it hot him all that he needed water, and it worked without any problems all the time.
There are so many high-tech, sophisticated products for the houses of the people these days, that we sometimes forget about the simplest products of all. Solar water heating systems fall into this category.
If you lower your monthly electric bill about ways to think, is an option to install a solar water heater in your home. This simple technique is missing some of the glamour and excitement of the other solar products, such as fuel cells, solar power systems, hybrid vehicles and other advanced technologies, but there are advantages to be taken into account.
Properly designed and installed, the systems have proven themselves for many years. In addition, they can significantly reduce or even eliminate the part of your energy bill that goes for hot water - what so much as be 20 or 25 percent.
Solar water heating is one of the simplest technologies in homes today. The principle is based on, what with a garden hose left are based in the Sun on a hot summer day. Heats up the hose, and the water from the hose is gone into much warmer than the water in it.
Take tubes as these tubes. Put them in a black box, absorb the rays of the Sun. Cover the box with glass, so that the heat does not escape, and keep it on the roof. Install a line, which to your water tank and let the sun heat your water, so that it hot enough for cleaning, bathing, cooking and other household purposes.
What is the process more difficult, that the materials must be of good quality, the system must be well thought out, and the installation should properly be made, ensure that everything works. A professional solar contractor should do the job.
It is already more than the first commercially sold 110 years ago since a Baltimore patented inventor solar system in the United States, and the basic principle of today's systems has not much changed since then.
Changed since the major step forward in the quality of the designs, the materials and the installation of these systems practically to ensure that solar water heaters can be sufficient hot water for a family with just about any size offer what has in almost every part of the United States.
The man on the TV show liked his bread-box system, and depending on where you live and how much hot water takes advantage of your family, it could work well for you, also.
Technically a integrated collector storage systems, these devices offer a hot water storage system, which is part of the solar panel itself. Cold water passes through one or more tanks is installed usually on the roof of the building, and is used by the Sun is heated.
The hot water from the upper tank after below in the House drawn and cold water from the local water supply in the bottom container heated. These systems are known suitable for warm weather and afternoon or evening use of hot water.
There is also a different kind of "passive" system that works without pumps or controller. Ideally, the system is suitable for humid climates.
The Sun heats water in the collector, and the force of gravity pulls the denser of cold water from the tank in the collector inlet, where it pushes the less dense heated water through the collector outlet and into the top of the tank. The result of the operation is a continuous full tank with hot water at the end of the day.
There are also two types of pumped systems in different parts of the country used.
The direct pumped system transfers the heat of the Sun directly in water circulating through the collector. The indirect pumped system works by circulating an antifreeze solution by the collector, and one heat exchanger the heat to the water. Both work in areas that have Frost.
A definitive system for colder climates is the drain-back system, the water from the collectors to avoid freezing.
Check with a solar dealer in your area for details on the systems the best for your climate suitable.

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