Selection of inverters for solar off-grid systems

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Selection of inverters for solar off-grid systems


  Solar off-grid power generation system inverter is an electronic device that converts the 12V/24V/48V/60V/72V DC power provided by the battery into 220V AC, and at the same time converts the city power into DC power to charge the battery. At the same time, it is used in The inverter in the solar power system is also an important part of the solar power system. The following describes the principles and types of off-grid inverters, so that you can better choose solar off-grid inverters.

【Main body】:

1. The working principle and characteristics of off-grid inverters

Working principle:

The off-grid inverter is a power conversion device, which pushes-pull and boosts the input direct current, and then inverts it into 220V alternating current through the inverter bridge SPWM sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology.

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Performance and characteristics:

①Adopt 16-bit single-chip microcomputer or 32-bit DSP microprocessor for control.

②PWM control mode, greatly improving efficiency.

③Use digital or LCD to display various operating parameters, and related parameters can be set.

④ Square wave, modified wave, sine wave output. Sine wave output, waveform distortion rate is less than 5%.

⑤The voltage regulation accuracy is high. Under the rated load, the output accuracy is generally less than plus or minus 3%.

⑥It has a slow start function to avoid the impact of large current on the battery and load.

⑦High frequency transformer isolation, small size and light weight.

⑧ Equipped with standard R232/485 communication interface, which is convenient for remote communication control.

⑨It can be used in environments above 5500 meters above sea level, and the adaptable temperature range is -20~50 degrees Celsius.

⑩With input reverse connection protection, input undervoltage protection, input overvoltage protection, output overvoltage protection, output overload protection, output short circuit protection, overheating protection and other protection functions.

2. Off-grid inverter type

Off-grid inverters should choose the inverter type according to the environment. There are three types of photovoltaic inverters on the market: centralized inverters, string inverters, and micro inverters:

① Centralized inverter, mainly used in large ground power stations, with a voltage level of 315V, suitable for high-voltage grid connection;

② String inverters, also known as distributed inverters, are mainly used in various barren hills, industrial and commercial or home roofs. The power station is generally not large, and it is integrated into the national grid through full or surplus grid connection;

③Micro-inverters are mainly used for direct integration on battery boards, suitable for small family power stations.


  The inverter of the solar off-grid power generation system is the main component and important part of the solar power system. In order to ensure the normal operation of the solar power system, the correct configuration and selection of the off-grid inverter is very important. The inverter of the solar off-grid power generation system needs to be configured according to the size and parameters of the complete solar power generation system. You can consult relevant technical personnel.

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