Provide ventilation and cooling solutions for farms

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 Provide ventilation and cooling solutions for farms


Many farms have limited heat dissipation capabilities, especially when the indoor temperature reaches high temperatures in summer, which prevents the farms from operating properly and the survival of poultry is also affected by high temperatures. In fact, many farms have air condition installed. Although the temperature of the farm has been reduced to a large extent, the gas produced in the farm cannot be timely discharged and ventilated, which affects the normal breeding and survival of poultry and the electricity cost is quite high. This article will provide you with ventilation and cooling solutions for Duong's own farms for your reference.


一,The basic situation

Duong from Vietnam plans to install ventilation equipment in his own farm (about 500 square meters) in order to cool the farm with ventilation. Prior to this, he had tried to increase the use of air conditioners to achieve cooling, but the ventilation effect was not achieved, and the long-term power consumption also greatly increased his cost. So he hoped to cool down the ventilation of his farm in a more energy-efficient way, and reduce his electricity consumption to a certain extent.

二,The design process

The farm area provided by Duong is about 500 square meters, combined with the high temperature and small temperature differences throughout the year in Vietnam. 4 units of 70W solar attic ventilation for Duong ’s farm can be installed.

Due to the humid and hot climate in Vietnam, the temperature is still very high at night, so we have specially configured a power adapter for each solar attic ventilation. The AC can be converted to DC, and the power can be connected to the fan in rainy days or at night to make the fan work normally without restriction.

三,The design features

1. Reduce investment and reduce costs

The working principle of solar attic fan is very simple. During the day, the solar panel absorbs sunlight to start the motor of solar attic fan, which drives the fan blades to make the fan work and ventilate. And provide enough power for the fan to make the fan rotate, achieve high efficiency, and reduce costs to a certain extent.

2. Easy to install and maintenance free

Solar attic ventilation is mainly an integrated product consisting of solar panels, brushless DC motors, fan blades, air duct and fan base. Simple, convenient and easy to install. Install the solar fan directly on the roof to ensure that the solar panel can get the most direct sunlight and make the fan run.

3. Ventilation and temperature reduction, reduce the occurrence of disease and epidemic, and reduce the loss of breeding

Solar attic ventilation can quickly remove the dirty air from the farm and introduce fresh air. Good cooling measures can provide a comfortable growing environment for poultry, and can also increase the resistance of poultry. While improving the air quality in the farm, the oxygen content of the farm is also increased, which is more conducive to the breeding of poultry.


The solar attic fan can determine its model size according to the use environment, which can be used in greenhouse, family houses, factories, farms, and so on. If you are interested, you can contact us. We will recommend the right product and model for you. You can also find more details here:

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