Prospects of solar photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation

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Nowadays, energy conservation and environmental protection are the themes of the world appeal. Electricity is closely related to our lives. At present, each country's electricity consumption will increase. However, the sun as a renewable energy source uses solar power to help improve the ecological environment and save energy. row. This will be a trend, whether it is solar photovoltaic or solar thermal power, there will be great prospects, because they are complementary.

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1、What is solar photovoltaic power generation?

Solar photovoltaic power generation uses solar cells to convert solar energy directly into electrical energy. It uses the photovoltaic effect of semiconductors to convert light energy directly into electrical energy. The basic component of solar panels is the way of light-to-electricity. The key component is the solar cell. The solar cells are packaged and protected in series to form a large-area solar cell module, and then combined with a power controller and the like to form a photovoltaic power generation device.


2、What is solar thermal power generation?

Solar thermal power generation is also called focused solar thermal power generation. Solar thermal power generation is a technology that converts light energy into heat energy and then uses conventional thermal cycle power generation. It collects direct solar light through various physical methods and generates high-temperature and high-pressure steam, which drives the steam turbine to generate electricity. According to different heat collection methods, it can be divided into three types: solar trough thermal power generation, solar tower thermal power generation and solar dish thermal power generation. It is the way of heat transfer.


3、Development prospects of solar thermal power generation and photovoltaic power generation

1). Both have development potential, and the development scale of photovoltaic power plants will be larger in the near term.

Before 2030, because PV installation cost and electricity cost are lower than CSP, and PV output is consistent with daytime peak and peak electricity price curve, PV installation scale will be much larger than PV penetration rate. Light and heat. After 2030, due to the high permeability of photovoltaic installations, and basically meet the demand for electricity during the day, the development speed will slow down; the light and heat will make full use of its heat storage advantages, and can meet the peak of electricity consumption after sunset, thus obtaining Faster development.


2). Non-substitute relationship, the two complement each other

Both solar thermal power and photovoltaic power generation are faced with competition from traditional energy sources such as thermal power. They carry the mission of replacing fossil energy. Only photovoltaic and photothermal can cooperate better and complement each other to meet this task and meet the demand for electricity. At the same time, because large-scale wind power, photovoltaic and solar thermal power stations and other renewable energy sources are mainly built in deserts, Gobi beaches and other areas, long-distance transportation is required, but the utilization hours of wind power, photovoltaics, etc. are low, and the long-distance transmission is economically poor, in order to improve the transmission grid. The utilization rate has to be transmitted by means of thermal power bundling. If the CSP station is mature, it can completely replace the thermal power through the heat storage method, solve the problem of low power utilization rate, and solve the problem of unstable power generation.


3). The application fields have different focuses, and the main battlefield does not coincide.

The advantage of photovoltaic power generation lies in the distribution. In the construction of load centers, combined with the development of energy storage and other industries, local power generation can be used locally. At the same time, photovoltaics can also be used as mobile power to fully meet the needs of the consumer market, which is difficult to achieve with solar thermal power stations. The advantage of CSP is that it is large-scale, suitable for building large-scale CSP stations in suitable conditions and then transporting them over long distances. In these areas, large-scale photovoltaic power plants can also be appropriately developed, and photovoltaic light and heat can be bundled and sent out to achieve maximum consumption of renewable energy.


Although solar thermal and photovoltaic power generation face the challenge of traditional energy competition and are not fully integrated into the market, energy conservation and green are the future trends in the world due to the increasingly severe environment and limited energy resources. Solar photovoltaic and CSP also carry the mission of fossil energy, which will be a great advantage. Solar energy can not only save energy in power generation, but now there are many solar products on the market, such as solar water heaters, solar air conditioners, solar fans, etc., all will follow the theme of world energy conservation to a new trend.

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