Practical solar power system installed on the RV

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Whether it is life or travel, people are increasingly demanding a sense of experience. For those who love to travel around, they have a mobile "home", that is, the RV. The basic facilities on the RV are perfect, reflecting the fashion way of traveling in life and living in travel. At the same time, many people who are keen to experience travel through RVs have the experience that electricity on the RV is not enough. It is because of the travel outside, the car will carry a lot of electronic equipment, resulting in more and more places to use electricity. In order to solve this problem, installing a suitable solar power generation system on the RV has gradually become the best choice for the owners of the RV.


一、The composition of the solar power system

The solar system is used in the RV, both as a power generation system and as a small energy storage system. This system consists of solar panels, solar controllers, inverters, and batteries that need to store electricity.

1, solar panel

The most common lengths of solar panels are about 1-1.2m and 100W-400W. The light energy is converted into electrical energy, and the electrical energy is stored in the battery through the solar controller. Then, through the inverter, the DC power is converted into AC power, and the power supply device works. Therefore, it is usually installed on the top of the RV and absorbs sunlight without blocking. The panels suitable for installation on the RV also include flexible solar panels and portable solar panels.

2, solar controller

The solar controller is in fact a charging device. The output of the charge controller that can be used on the RV is now automatically recognized, and the matching battery is 12V/24V/48V. If the battery voltage is higher, like 98V/110V/220V, you need to select the corresponding charge controller.

3, battery

Generally, the size and number of assembled batteries are selected according to individual needs. Under the premise of sufficient light, the best state can charge the battery 60%-65%. Everyone may be more concerned about whether the solar panel will be charged while the device consumes power. In theory, there is no problem, but it should be noted that the power of the load and the power of the loss must match.


二、The precautions for installing solar panels on the RV

1, a solar panel base needs to be installed. Due to the excessive speed of the vehicle during the driving process, the solar panel and the air generate pressure, causing the solar panel to be picked up by the wind, posing a danger. Moreover, the current solar panels are equipped with a metal frame, and the solar panels must be fixedly mounted on the base to ensure that the panels are stable on the top. Not only that, but the pedestal also acts as a backflow of air and drainage.

2, solar cable. This is something to be aware of. In view of the aging of the wire harness, it is necessary to use an anti-aging photovoltaic wire, which is usually replaced once every 3-5 years. It should be noted that the photovoltaic connection line should match the power of the solar panel.

3, for most RV users, after installing the solar panels, it is not once and for all, but also pay attention to the later maintenance and maintenance. If you often drive a car to an area where the smog is more serious or the dust is frequent, you need to clean the surface of the solar panel frequently to prevent dust accumulation for a long time, affecting the absorption rate of sunlight, resulting in poor power generation efficiency and so on.


From a practical point of view, it is a good choice to install a solar power system on the RV. Using clean solar energy to generate electricity to replenish the RV. RVs are not the same as ordinary cars. It is not just a means of transportation, but also a place of residence that people have long relied on for traveling. If you use your car for a long time and travel outside, solar power is even more important.

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