New intelligent temperature control valve in pressurized solar water heaters – mthermostatic valve

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New intelligent temperature control valve in pressurized solar water heaters – mthermostatic valve


Solar water heaters are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and have been widely recognized by the market. The longer the use time, the more obvious their advantages. However, with the improvement of people's bath quality, users are no longer satisfied with “there is hot water”, and more pursuit of bathing convenience. Comfortable and safe. Solar water heaters not only have good quality of the system itself, but also meet the "quality of use" when people take a bath. At this time, one has to mention one of the many accessories for pressurized solar water heaters thermostatic valves.



1,What is a thermostatic valve?

The thermostatic valve is a new type of intelligent regulating valve, which replaces the ordinary cold and hot regulating water valve, and solves the problem that the water temperature is cold and hot and difficult to adjust due to rapid pressure change and rapid temperature change during the bathing process.


2,The working principle of thermostatic valve

The high-sensitivity memory alloy spiral temperature probe is installed in the constant temperature water outlet. The temperature of the probe itself is extended or contracted to directly control the inflow of hot and cold water, so that the outlet water temperature always reaches the set temperature (25-60 degrees Celsius).  In the process of bathing, if there is a single pipe water cut in the hot and cold water, it can automatically stop water in an instant to prevent burns and getting cold. The hot and cold water inlet is provided with a one-way valve to effectively prevent the water heater from overflowing and the cold water flowing back to the solar tank.



3,The function of the thermostatic valve

As we all know, the general household solar water heaters used follow the installation principle of left hot right cold (left hot water, right cold water, lower mixed water). It looks like a “T” type three-way, and the water temperature adjustment is mainly step by step based on the user's experience and touch. Generally, when the faucet is opened, the valve switch is biased to the cold water end on the right side, and then gradually rotated to the left to find a suitable temperature before starting to use.

Adjustments not only take a certain amount of time, but also increase household water consumption, and elderly people and people with reduced mobility must have the cooperation of family members to complete. And the water temperature will change due to changes in hot water inlet temperature and pipeline pressure during use.

For example, when the user has adjusted the water temperature in the bathroom, the other people in the house go to the kitchen with cold water, the water pressure in the cold water pipe suddenly drops, the balance point adjusted in advance is destroyed, and the bather may be burnt or suddenly caught cold. When the water temperature is readjusted, the water in the kitchen finishs using to causing secondary disturbances.

The thermostatic valve is only one of the many accessories of the pressurized type solar water heater. The addition of the solar water heater solves the problem of hot and cold water, which constitutes a safe protection system for solar using water.

A. Easy to install, only need to connect the hot and cold water pipe, set the mixed water temperature once, just need to gently open the water flow switch when using. The water temperature can be adjusted according to the different temperature needs of the elderly and children.

B. Assuming that the pipe of cold water or hot water is damaged or suddenly water is cut off, the thermostatic valve can automatically stop water in an instant to prevent burns and catch cold.

C. When the cold water, hot water distribution pressure, water temperature changes, thermostatic valve can automatically adjust instantly, always outflow water of the set temperature.

D. There is a one-way valve inside to prevent hot and cold water from collapsing.


Nowadays, relying solely on the role of the solar water heater itself cannot be improved all the time. At the same time, it must rely on and learn from the manufacturing and technology of the accessories, and perfectly combine with the main body of the solar water heater to reflect the value of the solar water heater. From host performance to accessory performance, from product quality to use function, solar water heaters are constantly trying and perfecting themselves on the road of solar energy development, making solar water heaters humanized and intelligent.

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