Necessity of ventilation

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Necessity of ventilation

Proper ventilation in the attic helps to deal with excess heat and moisture, which would otherwise cause serious damage to your house. The accumulation of heat and moisture in the attic causes different problems in hot and cold climates. Areas with hot summers and cold winters will be affected by both.

1. In hot areas, when the outside is very hot, intense sunlight on the roof will increase the temperature of the attic. Exposure to such an overheated environment will greatly shorten the service life of the tiles. If the attic is not evenly and adequately insulated, then the heat will be dissipated to the living area, and the comfort of the living space will be greatly reduced, and more cooling costs will be added. The cost here refers to the fact that since the heat in the attic cannot be effectively dissipated and transferred to the residential area, the residential area needs to use more air-conditioning to cool down to keep the living environment cool and comfortable. As a result, not only the electricity consumption is greatly increased, but also the heat accumulated on the top of the roof cannot be solved.

2. In areas with relatively cold winters, many families will use heating equipment to keep the house warm and let the family through the cold period. Therefore, the heat upward from the residential area will be transferred to the attic, and the hot air will rise to the roof. As the inside of the roof heats up, snow or ice on the roof begins to melt, causing water to drip from the roof. Once it reaches the cold outer edge, it will re-freeze into ice. When this happens repeatedly, an ice dam is formed along the eaves, and once the water has nowhere to go, it will circulate back. This phenomenon has to make people choose high-quality roof waterproofing to effectively prevent water from overflowing into the outer wall or attic, damaging the dry wall below or entering the inner wall.

3. Moisture generated from the residential area or outside and entering the low-temperature attic will condense into liquid when it encounters a colder surface. Over time, moisture can cause the internal structure of the roof to deteriorate or damage the attic insulation. Not only that, in a closed and unventilated attic, moisture will cause mold to flourish, which not only affects the service life of the roof, but also has a bad impact on people's healthy life.

How to keep the attic ventilated?

To keep the attic ventilated, installation of roof fan is essential. The fan is installed on the roof, which can effectively remove the heat accumulated on the top of the attic, and constantly ventilate the attic. In hot weather, it can bring fresh air to the room and reduce the temperature inside the house; in cold weather, it can be ventilated to prevent mold growth.

Sunflower Solar’s hot-selling solar roof fan can help you solve ventilation problems.

Keeping the attic ventilated has always been a problem in the details of the house, which is not taken seriously. Has been influencing people's lives imperceptibly. It is possible that constant maintenance and replacement of materials cannot let people know the key factors of the problem. After you read this article, then you will learn more. Sunflower Solar will provide you with attic ventilation and effective selection suggestions.

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