Monocrystalline(Black) solar panel VS Polycrystalline(Blue) solar panel

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For many regions, electricity bills have been rising or often blackouts, and accumulating over the years will be a big expense. So many people are paying attention to solar panels, which can reduce the monthly expenses and provide electricity during power outages. Many people don't know whether black or blue solar panels,so Should buy black solar panels or blue solar panels before starting a home solar project? We will explain in detail to help you make the most appropriate decision.

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1.What are Black solar panels?

Black solar panels, also known as monocrystalline panels, are made from a single, high quality silicon crystal. This silicon has a higher level of purity as compared to the silicon crystals used in blue photovoltaic panels.


Technical information:

Black solar panels are made through czochralski process. This process uses a silicon crystal seed that is placed in a vessel or vat of molten silicon. The silicon crystal seed is slowly drawn out along with the molten silicon, forming an ingot of solid crystal silicon. The ingot is then finely sliced into silicon wafers, which are used as solar cells for energy production.


Although blue and black panels are produced almost the same way, light interacts with a single crystal (monocrystalline) differently than many individuals crystals (polycrystalline). This causes these solar panels to appear black in hue.


The whole process of making black cells is comparatively more complicated than producing blue solar cells. Also, a significant amount of the pure silicon is wasted in the production of black solar cells, as all the four sides of silicon wafers are chopped off to get the shape of the cells right.


2.What are Blue solar panels?

Blue solar panels are also called polycrystalline solar panels. Unlike a monocrystalline silicon cell, a polycrystalline cell is created from more than one raw silicon crystal.


Technical information:

The process of making blue colored panels is very similar to that of producing black solar panels. However, the step of drawing up the silicon crystal seed (used to form monocrystalline solar panel) is skipped in case of blue solar cells.


The silicon crystals, melted and poured in the vat, are simply allowed to cool to form polycrystalline silicon cells. This forms distinctive grains and edges of the blue solar cells.


The blue solar panels have more glimmer on their surface than monocrystalline panels. However, the blue tint is also a result of a coating placed on these panels. The anti-reflective coating that increases the module efficiency and capacity for absorption, gives blue solar panels a bit of their color.


3.  Blue or black panels: Which is the best for your home?

①Black/ monocrystalline solar panels:

  • Characterized by black and smooth appearance and use of high quality silicon.

  • Power generation efficiency is 19-21%.

  • The price is higher than that of polycrystalline, and the price of monocrystalline is about 5-6% more expensive than polycrystal.

  • Formed from energy-intensive production process, and produces a lot of waste.


②Blue/ polycrystalline solar panels:

  • Characterized by blueish tint, more scattered look, and lower quality silicon.

  • Power generation efficiency is 17-19%.

  • More affordable,the price is lower than that of monocrystalline.

  • Less complicated production process, with minimal waste production.



Regardless of which solar panel you choose, installing solar panels to power your home is a sustainable decision, primarily determined by preferences and usage habits.Most importantly, installing any type of panel will significantly reduce your monthly energy bill.

Not only is it energy efficient, it is safe and pollution-free, it saves money for many families and produces good economic benefits.

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