Malaysian hot water system customer

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With the rising cost of traditional energy and the continuous deterioration of the environment, solar water heating systems are increasingly used in residential buildings, villas, hotels, tourist attractions, science parks, hospitals, schools, industrial plants, agricultural farming. Districts and other fields, rational design and configuration of hot water use in different areas, to achieve comprehensive utilization of energy, reduce cost investment.


The customer of this article is a wool processing company from Malaysia. Their wool processing industry needs a lot of hot water. The traditional heating method is to use steam to heat water, and the steam comes from the boiler. The use of boilers consumes a lot of coal, and the pollution caused by burning coal is very serious. For environmental reasons, they want to replace it with a solar water heating system. At the same time, my customers mentioned that this was their first contact with solar energy and had no experience.

 Malaysian hot water system customer

By understanding, the initial requirements of the customer are as follows:

250m³ of water is needed every day, and the water consumption is 15 m³ per hour. The initial temperature of the water is 25℃and is intended to be heated to 80℃. The customer already has two water tanks, one 4000L and one 30000L.

Based on these requirements, we recommend that the client implement the project in two phases.

1, in the design, first use solar energy to heat the water to 55℃, and then use steam to heat to 80℃.

2. Install a 4000L solar heating system first, and then install a 30,000L solar heating system after the test is successful.

The customer adopted our advice and we designed a complete 4000L solar heating system based on the meteorological data of the customer's location and the thermal efficiency of the solar collector:

The system consists of 10 SFB305818 solar collectors, controllers, circulating pumps and other components. Since the customer's existing water tank does not have a copper coil (heat exchanger), we also have a plate heat exchanger for the door.

The working diagram of this system is as follows:

Malaysian hot water system customer-2

The customer is very satisfied with our design, but he still has two questions:

1. During sunny day, the solar collector will work as normal.

However, during cold raining/cloudy days, can we shut down the solar collector?

Many customers may have such questions. In fact, solar heating systems and auxiliary heating systems can be independent of each other or an intelligent control system. They do not conflict and maximize operational savings.

2. The customer's roof is made of metal. He is worried about whether the solar collector can be installed and fixed on the metal roof. Will it leak water?

Our solar collector brackets are designed with a variety of roof structures in mind, such as metal roofing, tile roofing, asphalt and concrete roofing. The solar collector is installed on the metal roof, refer to the figure below.

Malaysian hot water system customer-3


Under our guidance, the customer has easily completed the installation and commissioning of the system, and the operation is stable. The customer is planning to use more solar energy instead of the steam boiler.

As more and more customers begin to focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, solar heating systems will become more and more popular, and will gradually replace the traditional heating method.

If you have the same needs, please contact us, we will give you the most satisfactory solution according to your actual situation.

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