Little knowledge, such as the pros and cons of solar collectors for hot water heating to distinguish

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  As time passes, which entered a blink of mid-April, Beijing the temperature to 26 degrees has climbed, the heat of the summer was swimming a day will do. Many families are with solar collectors for hot water production, environmental protection and energy saving, but also safe, but many of my friends have encountered the problems of solar water heaters, today I will tell you:

 Flat-plate solar collector

Under normal circumstances, each time 20-40 kg need hot water, each pipe 6.5 kg water can be heated, water container capacity necessary based on the family size and habits of the bathing water consumption can be estimated.
To solar water heaters in areas with tap water, usually with the pump, Sheung Shui, to save a further addition of additional water tank and solar system the same height to cold water, so that before the cold water bath.
Can by constipation, water ventilate to enter or to unload, the air not immediately run off or be added to, the formation of the inner and outer pressure difference, which increase in broken or emptied tank.
The relationship between the size of the water tank and vacuum tube count?
The normal water heater design is by bathing the required water temperature, the highest Stewart solar system design water temperature range of 400C ~ includes, as all pipe heating water designed 6.5 kg.
The vacuum tube solar water heaters, Sheung Shui, should pay attention to what issues?
If air drying, the vacuum tube in the tube temperature of about 2500C, it is in the tank of water or for the first time in Sheung Shui, be performed before sunrise and half an hour after the sun goes down.

Pressurized solar water heater


How to distinguish the pros and cons of the solar system?
The solar system is a solar thermal use, the entire water heating collector, heat storage part of the bracket part. Distinguish the pros and cons of the collector part of core absorption rate and the divergence of the collector components with the materials and manufacturing process. For the thermal storage component of the water heater is the camp, quality are two: first, do not let off, the second is to isolate. The lining of welding is the major key of power and material of the welding rod whether corrosion airliner of cold regions must determine a thicker insulation layer quality and other insulation, the insulation properties. ③ Mount to the host part of the run support to ensure the correct location of the collector components with other components of the host, the same life that required good strength and corrosion resistance, you've have its pros and it can damage the material, thickness, visually.

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