Introduction of industrial solar attic fans

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With the advent of the hot summer days, the indoor working temperature of industrial plants is getting hotter and hotter, and the work efficiency of the staff is also reduced. What methods does the factory use to cool down the work of the factory buildings and bring coolness? The traditional fan is in the high temperature of thirty degrees, the cooling effect is not bad, and the central air conditioning is too unrealistic. How can this be good? At this time, industrial solar attic fans can be used. 


The first benefit of industrial solar fans: energy saving, convenient

The solar fan works entirely on solar energy. The stronger the sun, the greater the wind, and it can stop automatically when it is not needed for ventilation on a rainy day. Compared with the traditional ventilation fan, there is no need for power support, and there is no need to manually control the switch. The initial working temperature can be set as needed, or it can be set to work with the sun.


The second benefit of industrial solar attic fans: natural ventilation

In the large and spacious enclosed space, most of the hot air will be concentrated on the top of the building, especially in the summer, the sun will make the roof hot, even if the ceiling has a certain insulation effect, but the effect is not obvious. Of course, the staff in the factory will feel extremely hot.

Why do people feel cool? It is because a large amount of sweat produced by a person's body surface can promote the evaporation of sweat hormones and take away a lot of heat when the air circulates, so people will feel cool. Usually, this cooling experience can reach 5-8 °C.

After the solar fan is installed on the roof, the hot air at the top of the plant can be well discharged to promote air circulation in the plant.


The third benefit of industrial solar attic fans: dehumidification

If the ventilation and cooling conditions in the building are poor, the quality of the product may be reduced, and even a large amount of loss and waste may be caused! In addition, some materials will become the first complaint of customers once they are deformed by moisture. Preventing air condensation and reducing bacteria and mildew, solar industrial fans significantly enhance air flow and control air condensation on the ground or metal surfaces, making your work environment cleaner, dry, comfortable and safe. The solar attic fan can solve the problem of wetness and moisture, which promotes air mixing in the entire space, directly and effectively. At the same time, our solar attic fans have almost no noise, which can avoid the noise generated by other ventilation schemes.


Before the popularity of solar attic fans, roof fans mostly required electric drive or wind drive, which was power-consuming and highly restrictive. Nowadays, with the development of solar energy, solar attic fans will slowly replace the traditional fans. If your plant is facing the trouble of high temperature and humidity, please contact us, we can give the perfect solution.

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