Information about Solar collectors

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Information about Solar collectors

Trap solar collectors, heat from the sun to raise the water temperature. There are mainly two types of solar collectors: flat-plate solar collectors and vacuum tube solar collector.
Flat-plate solar collectors, these are the most common type.
They include:
A sealed box with a transparent cover. Dark, metal acoustic panels pipes. Insulation to reduce heat absorption plate back and both sides of the losses.

One of the minor shortcomings of the flat panel collectors, they only operate at maximum efficiency, vertical crack down flat when the sun's rays. They are also subject to some in the cold weather heat loss.

Solar Collector (3)

Evacuated tube solar hot water system.
Vacuum tube solar collector - a collector types include:
Series allows the minimum reflected light through a transparent outer glass tube. Each vial contains a built-in water pipes, coated with a layer can absorb the sun's light, the heat generated. Throughout this inner tube water heating. Vacuum (the "evacuation") between the outer tube and pipes, insulation, reducing heat loss.
The vacuum system is more effective than flat-panel system, especially in the cooler months, on cloudy days. This is partly due to vacuum insulation (to minimize heat loss) and part of the tube surface, so that the light of the sun, most of the water perpendicular to the fact that one-day strike. The weight of the vacuum system is much less than the flat-plate systems, but cost significantly more.

Solar Water Heating (4)

The individual tubes can replace the damage event, the potential long-term maintenance costs.
The additional costs of the vacuum tube, such as Darwin, in a warm climate, usually is not necessary as a flat plate solar collectors will provide most of the water heating energy required.
Proper maintenance of the solar collectors should wear down the life of the tanks. When the tank need to replace the existing collector can connect to the new tank.

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