Hybrid tubular solar modules generate electricity and hot water

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Heat pipe Solar Collector


Guildford, England - Tubular-, hybrid photovoltaic (PV) solar cells of naked energy using the Sun's energy to produce both electricity and hot water. The tubes contain standard PV silicon solar cells and support also water that is pumped through the pipes, absorbed the excess heat, to cool the plates and keep them at the highest efficiency. The tubular plates - in contrast to the cylindrical solar technology from now bankrupt Solyndra - and thus twice as hot water heater in a process called cogeneration.
Naked energy is not the only player on the field. Cogenra solar (mountain view, CA) has also a combination photovoltaic and hot water heating system at the Kendall-Jackson CA installed Winery in nearby Santa Rosa, provide electricity and hot water for a filling and blending facility.
The solar cogeneration idea there has long ceased, but smaller plants such as these can solar energy for those who do not need to make megawatts. The Cogenra, for example, can produce approximately 241 kW, or enough, save to Kendall-Jackson some $30,000 per year in electricity costs. Cogenra CEO Gilad Almogy says that the basic model of the system delivers approximately 30 kW heat, and is a good fit for multi-family houses.
Naked energy plates are in vacuum tubes, which are stored in flat, with the water in pipes, the the warmth from the disk directly (a similar innovation introduced last year by researchers at MIT and Boston College) pumped.
Naked energy is still a startup, I find enough investment capital, to mass produce solar panels.

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