Hybrid Solar Thermal Air Conditioner for Hotel

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In Iraq, the demand for central air conditioning systems and home air conditioners with high electrical capacity has become increasingly clear in the recent years. Air conditioning systems became a necessity for good internal comfort, which was driven by desertification, high temperature, air pollution and increased population, resulting in increased consumption of electric power and pressing of power plants. Hybrid solar air conditioner uses solar collectors as auxiliary integrate them with air conditioning systems. This solution will increase the cooling system efficiency and reduce electricity consumption and pollution.


Project Background

Our client, located in Iraq, owner of a small hotel, with 20 guestrooms wants to replace all of existing air conditioners with hybrid solar thermal air conditioners.

Design Request

To install hybrid solar air conditioners in 20 guest rooms, about 20 square meters each.


For 20 guest rooms with 25m2 each, we recommend a wall mounted 12000BTU model

What is included in the whole set?

The hybrid solar air conditioner mainly includes 3 parts, indoor unit, outdoor unit and solar collector (tube collector or flat plate collector).

Usually, the solar collector is mounted with outdoor unit.


Hybrid Solar Thermal Air Conditioner for Hotel


Product List








Indoor unit




Outdoor unit




Glass vacuum tube








Mounting Bracket




The hybrid solar thermal air conditioning system uses both AC electrical power (220-240V, 50Hz/60Hz) and solar thermal energy. The same as traditional air conditioner, this air conditioning system always requires mains electrical power to operate fans and electric control components.

Hybrid Solar Thermal Air Conditioner for Hotel

Firstly, it absorbs solar energy to heat the inside medium by using a solar collector. R410A gas from the compressor goes through the copper coil inside the collector and undertakes a heat exchange. Freon exchange heat with the medium (hot water) inside the solar collector then go through a cycle inside the system for cooling and heating.

Secondly, it adopts a highly efficient heat-exchange system. The use of the internal thread pipe, hydrophilic aluminum fin and the optimal heat exchange system reduce energy loss, improve the overall efficiency and effectively ensure the performance. Therefore, hybrid solar air conditioner is more energy-saving than traditional air conditioner.

Questions of Client

1.   How much electricity hybrid solar air conditioner can save?

Usually the whole system can save 30% electricity for cooling and 50% electricity for heating.

2.   Does hybrid solar air conditioner work during nights?

Hybrid solar thermal air conditioner can work during nights because it is powered by electricity supply 220-240V/50Hz/60Hz. As long as you have utility grid, the whole system can work all the time.

3.   Is there any battery for backup?

The hybrid system have no battery to store electricity. The whole system includes indoor unit, outdoor unit and solar collector only. And as per its working principle, hybrid system does not need any battery for operation. The whole system is working on utility grid directly.


Compared to other types of solar air conditioner are now available at an affordable price so systems can pay for themselves within a very short time. Compared to conventional air conditioner, this thermal solar air conditioner can save 30%~50% electricity, which help you to reduce lots of electricity expenses over year.

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