How to choose solar panels-Solar water heating description

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Solar water heaters can meet about one-third of the hot water demand
A solar water heating system (also known as solar thermal systems) use panel installed on your roof to heat water used in the family.
A typical solar water heating system is able to meet about one-third of a household's hot water needs - saving pounds, 55 pounds, on the basis of the 80 annual water heating costs, a three-bedroom semi-detached house.

Households to install solar hot water system can get 300 premium paid by the Government's renewable heat incentive plan.

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Choosing a solar hot water system
When choosing a solar hot water system, you need to take into account four main factors:
Your average hot water use
South-facing roof area
Your existing water heating system
Your budget.
You will need about one square meter of collector area for each person in the family. Per meter of panel area will need between 30 and 60 liters water tank capacity.
If you are using a low efficiency of the collector (such as flat panel solar water heater collector area), you need to cover a larger area than if you use a more efficient collector (vacuum tube solar water heater).
You also need to choose the system components (such as hot water tanks, controls and pipe work), and select the location of the solar panels, consider shade, piping, roof pitch etc.

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