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Solar CollectorCurrently a wide range of domestic solar water heaters can on the market, to distinguish between the different types of solar panels in vacuum tubes flat plate are divided, in accordance with the structural difference can in an and split to be divided, in accordance with the distinction between the production process can non pressure furnace be divided into print and. Currently, the most common household solar power system on the market is the most domestic non-pressurized vacuum tube collector solar water heaters. We buy home solar system, consider the following:
Thermal output, the higher is the average efficiency ", the better the average heat loss coefficient as low as possible."
The two main components of the domestic solar power system is the all-glass vacuum tube solar collectors, referred to as the vacuum tube, vacuum quality directly on the performance of domestic solar water heaters. Purchase carefully observe the coating on the glass vacuum tube, coating of the solar system called selective absorbing coating, the coating color being different due to different manufacturing processes of the producers, but are usually black, dark blue or dark grey film, good high-quality coating color uniformity, no scratches, no peeling or shedding phenomenon, no stones or nodules on the phenomenon of glass, the glass was upright support within the institution, not loose.
At the time of purchase, it should also be noted that the vacuum tube between the pipe Division, in General two middle distance of about 70 mm is appropriate.
4 Stentdesign of domestic solar water heaters should appropriately and should be a sufficient strength and stiffness, to ensure sufficient capacity. Daily wind regions, especially coastal areas, purchase Home solar system should also note, that this product for the drag is designed.
(5) currently on the market, different reflectors in the form of domestic solar water heaters, flat reflectors, reflective surface plate, embossed aluminium reflector design of the product can take all advantage of the vacuum tube, look the surface of heat-absorbing, vacuum the largest level of light.

Should also be considered in the purchase of the resident population in the home, to determine thesolar water heater size of the purchase of water capacity of domestic solar water heaters. General standard of 40 Litres of water per person is reasonable. Is to use many products of nominal capacity of water from the calculated sum by calculating the capacity of each tube and the water tank capacity, but in reality the water below the water heater not drained outlet and the vacuum tube are in addition, water can really use the user only the amount of water between the inlet and overflow, so that the purchase should the provider askthat is their nominal capacity of water the water capacity of all the water capacity actually available the difference between the two is.

. Enough to buy a home solar water heaters must that electric blankets should configure with the design of the electrical safety products are selected.
8. Purchase other accessories such as automatic water device, temperature and level indication, solenoid valve, should be the choice of these devices be careful some features seem advanced, but too many components, high reliability, while vulnerable, select, need to ask if life and warranty period.
. Buy a good home solar system during the installation process should be noted, that the bracket, whether all screws and connections must be tight, up and down which water pipe is place of installation is properly installed, the boiler itself is strengthened measures. Moreover water must flow in the Sheung Shui want to install re device to the return of hot backward pipes in the cold water pipe to prevent.
10 domestic solar water heaters after sales service is also very important. The best choice for the famous brand products and good after sales service dealer. Because home solar water heaters, commodities, and usually on the roof installed, as soon as an error, the user will be hard to solve their own, so after sales service must be guaranteed. The machine on the market currently free warranty period usually 3 to 5 years.
11 domestic solar outdoor is installed, will one be prolonged use of vacuum tube dust or impurities impurities, reducing efficiency heat absorption. So the boiler tube should be cleaned regularly, especially in the winter months snow snowy areas need more timely recovery. If the effects of housing design and can not be cleaned should ask the dealer after sales service includes a regular cleaning.

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