How Solar Water Heaters Work

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Domestic Flat Plate Solar Water Heater

Solar water heating has been present since the Mayans used stones heated by the Sun to heat their sacred baths. A well-designed solar thermal heating of water in the system can be operated efficiently almost anywhere in the United States.
The moderate to warm climates of the areas of the southern and Western United States.UU. adapts well to the traditional plate flat manifold.
For the parts of Europe and the USA.UU. with colder climates, the solar hot water outlet pipe is quite efficient.
A solar thermal water heater is 60-70% of efficiency in the collection of the Sun's energy, while the average photovoltaic system is in the neighborhood of 14-20% efficiency in converting the Sun's energy.
As a result, heating water with PV usually makes no economic sense.
In addition, a solar water heater can operate efficiently, even if there is some shading, while the performance of a PV system is significantly reduced when it is partially under the shade of the adjacent buildings or trees.
Many homes that will not support an efficient photovoltaic system can produce a good amount of hot water with a thermal system.
For a family of four, a solar water heater supplied a 50-70% of the domestic hot water should cost $6,000-$8,000. The return on investment can be as short as five or six years.
A federal tax credit can reduce the cost at $2,000, and some States and municipalities offer additional incentives.
The database of State incentives for renewables and efficiency (DSIRE) has details of her home state of New York, States Andall ofincentives others, also.
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