Household solar water heater installation methods and precautions

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Solar water heaters are prominent in various types of water heaters. It is convenient for most users to use solar water heaters, but in the process of installing solar water heaters, various installation problems are encountered. In fact, if you can master the installation method and precautions for solar water heaters, you may be able to install solar water heaters yourself in your own home.



一. The installation of solar water heaters - preparation work

1, check if the fasteners installed in the packaging box of the solar water heater are complete.

2, the number of solar vacuum tubes is complete and intact.

3, is the solar water tank intact?

4, are all other accessories complete?


二.  Solar water heater installation - installation steps

1. Ensure that there is no obstruction at the installation location and does not affect the heat absorption efficiency of the solar collector.

2. Assemble the bracket. According to the installation instructions, the brackets of each part are placed accurately.

3. Connect the firmware. The front and back pieces of the screw are assembled together according to the screw holes on the bracket. Then use a wrench to tighten the screws to ensure that the bracket is secure and not loose.

4. Install the water tank. First place the water tank on the assembled bracket bucket bracket, and connect the fixing screws on the water tank and the bucket bracket so that the distance between the two ends of the water tank and the left and right ends of the bracket are equal. The direction of the row of holes is as close as possible to the direction of the tube of the vacuum tube, so that the vacuum tube can be installed afterwards. Finally, the silicone ring is placed in the inner hole of the inner bucket in turn.

5. Install the vacuum tube. First check whether the silicone ring in the hole of the water tank is installed firmly or there is debris. Then put the sealing ring on the nozzle of the vacuum tube down 15cm, soak the nozzle with lubricated liquid (soap water), and gently adjust the vacuum tube by hand. Rotate the hole in the water tank. Then insert the tube tail into the tube holder. Repeat the same action in sequence to install all the vacuum tubes.


三. Solar water heater installation precautions

In general, solar water heaters are often installed on the roof. When water supplier is used on solar water heater, the solar water tank will remain full of water so that the windy weather will not move it.


Of course, in order to avoid the destruction of unexpected weather such as typhoon, cement piers or other methods are generally used to stabilize the bracket. However, more simpler, convenient and aesthetically pleasing method is to use straps for roof mounting. The solar water heater can be fixedly connected to the roof.


With straps for roof mounting, it is easy to connect to the roof without drilling holes in the roof tiles. Extend from the underside of the tile and connect to the solar water heater bracket. As shown below:

Household solar water heater installation methods and precautions


From the purchase to the use of solar water heaters, every process in the middle is very important to the user. The most important of these is the installation of solar hot water. Many users will encounter a lot of installation problems after buying them home, which is not difficult. As long as each step is carried out accurately, there is no mistake. Buying a satisfactory product is not just about getting it, but more importantly, the later using experience. If the installation process goes smoothly, it will be a satisfying shopping experience.

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