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Europe and America of the international level the solar heaters of water more than 85% market share. In this environment, under the influence of the flat solar companies in solar energy in recent years in greater investment in water heaters. According to the annual meeting of 2010 thermal solar energy utilization reports which appeared flat heating solar water in 40% of growth. I believe that a significant warming of the basics of flat panel solar conditions are fulfilled.

Flat-plate solar technology has matured
Flat-plate solar
Solar vacuum tube floor early solar water heater heater water line from the 70s of the last century began the use of manufacturing, there have been 30 years of history, China 1986 issued T6424/BG-1986 "plate flat manifold conditions solar techniques." 30 years, in particular, of flat plate solar collector absorbent coating, painting of the blackened plaque, composed of aluminum developed to the anodized, Black Chrome, sputtering with magnetron coating of selective nitrogen dioxide. The original from 86 per cent to 96.5% current solar absorption rate. Emission rate of 26% to the current 4.2 per cent, the thermal efficiency of 68% to 82%. Cover glass of the projection of the original 76% of small glass oven glass today projected rate 91.8% oxygen-rich. Solar collector of flat panel of 15 years of useful life of the current 25 years. Coefficient of heat loss of 12 W / (mk) to the present 4.6W / (mk). Therefore, solar water heater flat panel technology has reached a very high level of technology.
Many cities can see flat solar
Based on the results of the solar market, and North of the Yangtze River is visible in many cities of the plain installation of solar water heaters, such as Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Hefei, Jinan, Weihai, Qingdao, Beijing, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Luoyang and other cities. Some focus on the residential installation of flat panel of the console, some innovative users to install flat purchase option of the console screen, some of the Central works of flat panel heating. Of particular concern are the projects of the Olympic Games in Beijing, Jinan games projects. Guangzhou Asian Games there are a large number of projects selected flat plate collector, increased the confidence of our flat screen business. The console panel flat is the balcony plate wall mounted flat water heaters based plots, it is high rise residential models.
Flat products approved property developers real estate
Through 30 years of solar water heater technology promotion, especially in the last decade, the popularity of the solar water heaters in China, all levels of Government have also introduced a compulsory installation of solar incentives of the water heater, regulations and Government subsidies, China property developers goods are also plays a low consumption of carbon "card"promising solar water heater of flat panel in the architectural integration of solar energy in the construction of the prospects of integrated development, they have the initiative to support the design of the terrace in a solar water heaters residential skyscraper, but also for the flat solar water heater has a high reputation as the city of Hefei specify pressure proposed floor in residential solar combined water heaters productsubsequently endorsed the flat solar water heater combined with the construction of technical advantages, especially in the balcony, plate wall-mounted flat solar water heaters of water by property developers real estate more welcome.
The enthusiasm for the screen flat products distributor
The distribution of a large number of distributors of solar water heaters for more than ten years of history, the strong sales in the period of solar vacuum tube water heaters have reached 1 million or even 10 million dream League. Tube of vacuum on the market today, the "war" solar water heater has a lot of the city to rural areas, competition is fierce, and some do it proud, although some do not take the opportunity to make absolutely exhausted.
According to projections, the solar market flat panel heating of water in the coming years, vacuum tube solar water heaters will be divided, even taking into account for more than 60% quota, that it is a golden opportunity to play. Therefore, the next flat panel market "war" also to the future distributors who have the courage and wisdom to around the corner to see who can hit the wealth of the solar water heaters in the second door.
Distributors doors are pending, in search of the best suppliers of flat panel products.
The lucrative flat-panel equipment manufacturers
Flat-plate solar(1)
Recently, from flat panel manufacturing equipment companies - Han Machinery Factory Changzhou Run news came in 2009, finished the production of two display assembly line equipment flat in 2010, three have been intended in the contract at the end of 2011, there will be 4 6 Tablet line of production of solar energy companies.
From the previous signs that China is accelerating the warming plate. Vacuum tube solar water heaters, some production companies also have launched projects of the water heater solar flat plate. But the biggest advantage of the competition of the market, not the "big brands" energy companies solar, but currently owns the intellectual property, take advantage of the company flat panel solar energy technology. The end of 2011, will create a market flat to initialize a new model of flat panel shortlisted companies will dominate the future of the market.

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