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"The domestic market could not always promote an international brand." Solar heating of water, general manager of a meeting of distributors Shanghai recently in the solar industry for the internal point of view, causing that many people in the industry of resonance.
Industry of solar water heaters in China in recent years, "household appliances" to achieve rapid growth, but also accelerated the pace of development in the international market. End of 2010, China solar water heaters total exports to 150 countries, including United States, Africa, Latin America and other countries, with a total of more than 230 companies to participate, and have five or six companies in factories abroad. However, China solar water heater has never done in the international market for status and recognition.
Compact Solar Water Heater
Industry experts said that the establishment of an international brand in the industry of the whole solar water heater has become an important task of modernization and development.
Experience in and out of the bottleneck of the development of domestic enterprises
The production of solar water heaters in China as the first national network, the industry take advantage of development opportunities, but there have also been many problems to resolve.
As we all know, China solar water heater is a very heterogeneous sector, currently there are about 5,000 companies dedicated to the manufacture of solar water heaters. Small enterprises and the number of habitat led to serious. It has been reported that the real value of the annual production of only 10 companies of more than one billion of more than 1000 millions of dollars less than one hundred Yuan. Some small-scale enterprises, due to poor quality, the service is weak, relying on price wars to survive, leading to the war of prices between companies more intense solar water heater.
With an increasingly saturated domestic market, the reduction of profit margins, many companies focus on the export of this tempting cake, of which many people with small business workshops. But survey related, recently reflected in many solar companies cannot be optimistic performance of this year exports, been less than last year's export prices, exports fell.
Split Solar Water Heater
"The quality cannot guarantee that the services can no longer" has become the foreign consumer market in China solar water heater helada-marco of the image, which is undoubtedly the international image of China solar water heater is a serious injury. However, domestic products of solar water heaters on the market on the problems of the solar water heater of China to find the source of the export concerns. It goes without saying that most of the domestic industry of solar water heaters, clutter and poor has become a bottleneck in the healthy development of the industry.
Trust in the international development of the strength of brand
"When companies entering a foreign market, the brand has become more important." LO-conocido expert in branding, said in his speech. In a series of famous international brands have been distributed in the market overall, consumers are not generally willing to buy something unheard of brand, especially when these products come from the lack of "national brands" countries or regions.
He explained that the brand are the so-called national or regional companies in some countries in the long term, the training efforts in some areas of the country's global reputation is very high, for example, "Germany", "Italian shoes", "Swiss view"and so on, in the international market have a great attraction, consumers still do not understand this situation, the manufacturer will believe that it is the quality""which is the power of the national brand.
At present, China has a "Made in China" brand has only a low production cost means that "mark country". At this stage, the internationalization of Chinese enterprises
Only by itself to build the brand, so the difficulty is greater.
Also noted that trust in I + D so that our products a advantage, and then driven the brand of the product when customers accept products, naturally accepted brands, industries and companies on the international aspects of the future will be more promising.
This is exactly the Chinese solar water heaters industry has the advantage that the data that the solar water heater of China to maintain the total volume accounted for 76% of the world, China is not only the production and application of solar water heater largest country, but also that the user select the outer solar energy. And solar water heaters have mastered the core technology in the hands of companies of solar energy in China, leading to the Chinese solar energy industry water heater for entering the international market successfully.
Baotuan the direct access to the international road
The new energy markets through the international entity B2B trading platform solar energy will be better for companies plots join to form a display window common external, not only to assist foreign buyers to purchase, but will also greatly improve solar energy industry international exchange and cooperation, the expansion out of national business sales channels.
This road is a wide international and promising, but it is still necessary to explore this path. Energy companies domestic solar must become stronger in order to establish in foreign markets to our right to speak, in international stability has gone more further along this road.


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