Expansion of Solar Hot Water Market in Hubei

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American Professor Paul Luohuo Ken in his book "Ecology of trade", noted: If human beings do not now "industrialism" business model to the business model "ecological Marxism", companies will be in the Tomb society.
For each person, this is not at all an alarmist, but real pressure. To create a model of sustainable business, countries in the global phase of the solar energy industry, they will see it as one of the few industries in potential growth, the State Department and other departments of housing of more than ten cities in the country worked hard to pursue "the light and the heat of the south wall plan" and "Solar roofs Plan".
China is the world's largest producer of solar collectors and users, and Japan and Germany as the third largest world producer of photovoltaic products. Well, the State must conserve energy, the development of renewable energy sources identified as the basic national policy. In this context, the way of promoting the development of the solar industry in Hubei Province as problems to resolve.
Expansion of the market of solar water heaters in Hubei Province
Recently, the province of Hubei Association of Zhou Yanjiang wheel solar water heater, Hubei, the use of the solar energy industry are the areas with the best conditions, area of the province of the land about two-thirds of the number of hours of Sun in the year 2000, the annual rate of total solar radiation is greater than 4000 square meters of solar radiation values MJ? 731 tons of standard coal equivalent.
Although such abundance of light and heat resources, but this province has not translated into corporate wealth. According to Zhou Yanjiang Mocha, a series of solar energy in the sales of enterprises in Hubei Province in 2700 to 150 solar energy manufacturers, manufacturers of machines and that it was almost insignificant.
According to statistics, Hubei Province, more than 90% of market share by the Ming emperor, Yu Sun, Sun Qinghua and other foreign brands accounted for, leaving local companies to less than 10% of market share. Elsewhere, the vast majority of local small businesses and medium-sized enterprises, brand awareness does not sounds, clients and referrals from the point of speed is not very high.
Zhou Yanjiang revealed, the penetration of the solar water heaters in Hubei Province, the city was 20% in rural areas is only 5%. Although the penetration is not high, Wuhan has become the second largest in sales of solar energy of the boiler, second only to Jinan. With national policy drivers and consciousness of residents for the protection of the environment, increase the penetration of solar water heaters, the market will be further expansion.
The solar industry water heater is still at the stage of a story.
The oil market fat were why not enjoy?
Solar Energy Group Co., Ltd. Hubei, China Yang Huang, President of Yongding said that the market for solar water heaters is primarily in rural areas, the rural market, "non-competitive" features. If the market share of a brand, the brand awareness is high. Foreign firms to enter the industry of the previous, has taken the lead in the occupation of the mind of the consumer.
Yongding Huang said that farmers now have the characteristics of consumption of urban residents who work in the city for many years, has a great brand recognition, then those who want to pass more spending on advertising to reverse the awareness of consumers, and this investment is not necessarily immediately.
Of course, all the rural income level is not high. Some solar companies to open market sales, rather than take advantage of low-cost market, disregarding the quality of the results, the market severely short, outsiders industry doubts more and more. It also gives the province the development of solar energy companies to produce a series of obstacles.
Zhouyan Jiang said to the press, in fact, solar water heaters do not have much technical content, core technology is mainly reflected in tube collector and the heat lamps lit. Due to its technical content is not very high, so the industry with low barriers of entry, competition is fierce.
Some companies to attract consumers to buy, or even participate in any technological device to win the market.
Experts said frankly that Chinese industry of solar energy water heater is still at the stage of a story, and there is no much substantial technical progress.
Solar water heaters enters the rural poor "end of life"
Previously, whether national or local, manufacturers of solar energy are not strict regulation, has not been established strong barriers to entry, aims to allow the growth of this industry first, brutal, and then regular.
However, the solar industry as a new industry idea starters is multiple. Some people do it as a career, some people are fishing for a turn to leave, regardless of the impact on the industry.
The rural market is vast and is of low quality to low cost predatory overdraft was serious, the increasingly difficult business. Industry-leading, President of Emperor Ming Huang Ming in the interview, the healthy development of the industry as a whole is very concerned. "I do not know the quality, the way of speaking perspective, I do not know the value, so what is marketing?" This is Ming Huang had sent the racket the entire solar industry.
China Solar Energy Industry Association, the Secretary General Huozhi Chen stressed that only the price, the quality of the product not is heavy, not to mention the benefits, to participate in the service. Although the purchase prices are low, consumers seem to be affected by the benefits, but the performance of hot water is not very high, life is short, and ultimately, damaged or consumers.
Three years have passed so far, solar energy for rural areas. Over the years, together with the experience of farmers to buy their own, they have become very rational.
Huang Ming rodeos, poor solar entered in a "piece of" cognitive and the selection of farmers mature, this is the best mark on the time scale products.
The companies do not fear competition
Although the competition is very fierce, Wuhan, "Mu-Tao Sun", the company President, Wang Zhenxiang Quedui solar heating of the solar water industry confidence. Zhenxiang Wang said: "do not be afraid of the competition, the company, the competition shows that the popularity of means of subsistence income-generating industry." "A company to be successful, the key is to offer consumers products that need." Meanwhile, your product must have a suitable location, separates with other brands."
Wang Zhenxiang, currently the production and marketing of solar water heaters are very confusing, equipment production, 80 million solar water heater / station, there are 10 million / Taiwan. We use the best equipment and employ the best talent in the industry, ensuring at the same time the quality of the products, the special focus on after-sales service.
In your opinion, do business first understand the market. It is not only the market share or the source of profit. Made of money, you can stand firm and remain competitive with other companies go into bankruptcy when the others in the same way that is capable of filling that market.
However, to take advantage of the market, traders must first capture the hearts. Traders focused mainly on sales and profit margins, distribution depends mainly on the amount of the well-known brand, distribution, brand new since they are mainly based on these profits. Not only are they assigned to some of their benefits, but also teach them how to make money.
Solar energy companies operating standards
A veteran of the industry of solar energy to the journalists, the national brand is not a market share exceeding 5% water solar heaters. However, Huozhi Chen, expected after the latest round of full competition, the concentration of the industry will increase. Review for the maintenance of the brand, the self-regulation of companies will become a conscious action.
Meanwhile, Huozhi Chen also stressed that the only industry that self-regulation is not enough, the Government, associations, the media must work together to jointly promote the healthy development of the solar industry.
The development partnership as detailed as possible to clear national standards, the Government should strengthen the supervision and application of the law and strict in non-standard companies, media and more exposure to the lower quality products, and companies Guide to standardize operations.
The solar industry water heater, as provincial President of the Association, Zhouyan Jiang emphasized that, at the macro level, the Association will require the Government to increase support for the policy of the boiler, at the enterprise level, solar industry association will help companies improve business, construction, planning, design, and other departmental related negotiation mechanism and set the installation of solar construction, design, construction, inspection, and a set of rules, so the construction of integrated solar energy and play a role in a broader context.
Meanwhile, Zhou Yanjiang also emphasized that the user satisfaction is the ultimate goal of solar energy companies. Association will also be a Government coalition and the bodies responsible for enforcing the relevant law does not regulate exposure to media companies operate, guide enterprises to standardize operations.

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