Envision solar enters LOI for solar tree deployment program in USA

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Flat-panel Solar Thermal Collector

On April 3, 2012, envision solar International Inc. (San Diego, California, United States), a designer and developer of Solar-Photovoltaik-(PV) shady parking infrastructure, announced that it signed a declaration of intent (LOI) with a Fortune 10 company in the promotion and delivery of the company solar tree structures, to hundreds of sites in the United States together
Solar tree use on over 900 sites
The LOI includes more than 900 locations and includes the provision of solar tree structures, the envision include CI clean batch, 'column integrated' electric vehicle charging stations and EnvisionTrak dual-synchronous-solar-tracking technology.
The program is expected to begin in the first half of the year 2012 and continue until 2014 envision solar States. The company did not disclose buyers name and financial terms.
In addition envision solar announced the recent release of the fiscal year 2011 results with profitability at the gross margin line and even further, the subsequent conversion of 1 billion USD in debt securities at a premium to the share price at the time of the conversion.
LOI shows trajectory to significantly increased volume
"We have a well defined strategy, and we are on it running," specified envision solar President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Desmond Wheatley.
"We have the highest quality, scalable product in the industry created and shown that we profitable to employ in the gross margin line at comparatively low volume."
Wheatley next: "we have fantastic customers who love our products and this memorandum of understanding is an another strong indication that attracted our trajectory significantly increased volume." We are also the conduct of business so that earn the gross margin we have the slightest resistance on the way to the earnings per share. These three key elements of our strategy should lead to a very good 2012 for the company. "

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