Eneref Institute launches the second phase of the promotion of Solar hot water press

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We have written about the solar energy water heater Institute Eneref hot promotion and information initiatives before. Recently, the Organization announced that it is moving in phase two of its "Solar thermal Advantage" initiative, which is designed to promote the benefits of the solar water heating and solar cooling for the media business.
The initiative will focus specifically on the promotion of solar thermal and cooling heating case studies. Hot water free up a similar initiative last month the company for our installation partners, so we're clearly on the same page and support Eneref efforts.
The conclusion is that the success of solar hot water projects are out there, but they are not or written. How much more the media, public and policymakers learn about the benefits of solar water heating, more customers, and those responsible for politicians to see its value and support.
In its press release, Director General Eneref, Seth Warren Rose, explained that many news editors talking about solar thermal energy are not familiar with technology and brands. He said: "We are working in the education of the media about the different brands and the huge benefits of the technology of solar heating in a way that over time, the press is going to get to these stories without our help."


Another part of the second phase consists of a new web site dedicated to the solar thermal projects. Eneref has just launched, featuring studies success stories that demonstrate the benefits of the use of the Sun's energy to heat and cool applications. An effort of promotion for the website assumes that it must begin in the second quarter of 2012.
Solar heating installers and manufacturers are invited to submit their cases of study online at Free hot water intends to contribute, and we hope that our customers will help with their hot water projects free there, also.
In addition to efforts Eneref, if you pubWe'll licize its facilities through free hot water, please send the same materials as Also everything to spread the word of our blog, email and potentially, also.
Once again, the more will celebrate and promote the value of solar hot water in the United States, we will more to grow our business, at the time that contribute to clean air, clean water, and the energy independence of our country. Please join our collective efforts of solar thermal energy.

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