Development and application of solar panels

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As a potential renewable energy source, Solar panel are gradually being promoted on the ground. Solar photovoltaic power generation avoids the problems of mechanical maintenance and working corrosion, and is a reliable energy source for renewable energy and sustainable development. In many areas, it is impossible to solve the problem of electricity use by conventional power in the short term. Solar power generation is an ideal way to solve the problem of decentralized farmers and herdsmen. The market potential is huge.

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1. Introduction of Solar panel

A Solar panel, also known as a PV panel, is a semiconductor device that can effectively absorb solar radiation energy and convert it into electrical energy. It can be used alone as a light detecting element, for example in a camera, mainly in series and in parallel to obtain the required voltage and current for use as a power supply. The appearance of a Solar panel is like a thin card or a thin piece of glass. Unlike the appearance of an ordinary battery, it cannot store electrical energy itself, that is, it does not generate electricity when there is no light. If it is used at night, it must be Use the battery together.

2. Overview of Solar panel development

The development of silicon Solar panel began in 1954, and the Bell Institute of the United States succeeded in trial production. The following year, it was used as a power source for telecommunication devices. In 1958, it was first applied to the "Pioneer 1" satellite in the United States. The development of the universe has greatly promoted the development of Solar panel. At the same time, research on ground-based Solar panel is also constantly underway, especially in the 1973 energy crisis, which has greatly accelerated the development of ground-based Solar panel. Many countries have invested a considerable amount of money in research and development of solar power for the development and utilization of Solar panel. Most of the thousands of aircraft so far flying into space are equipped with Solar panel systems. The first artificial satellite is the starting point for the development and utilization of photovoltaic technology. After nearly 50 years of development, it has formed a new photovoltaic science and photovoltaic engineering. Whether in the application of space flight or as a ground power generation system, photovoltaic technology is a leader in new energy sources in terms of development speed, technology maturity and application fields.

3. Types and differences of Solar panel

The light absorbing material of the solar panel is silicon, which is divided into  mono silicon and poly silicon.At present, solar panels widely used in the world are monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon.

The main differences between monocrystalline and polycrystalline are:

①From the comparison of power generation efficiency, in general, the power generation efficiency of monocrystalline is 19-21%, and the power generation efficiency of polycrystalline is 17-19%.

②From the price comparison, the price of monocrystalline is about 5-6% more expensive than polycrystalline

③In cloudy weather, polycrystalline power generation is slightly higher than monocrystalline, about 3-5% higher.

④From the appearance point of view, monocrystalline is more beautiful than polycrystalline.

Whether monocrystalline or polycrystalline is selected is mainly determined by preferences and usage habits.

4. Advantages of solar panels

Solar panels have many advantages: such as: safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution, energy is available everywhere, no geographical restrictions, no fuel consumption, no mechanical rotating parts, low failure rate, easy maintenance, unattended, station building The cycle is short, the size is small, the transmission line is not required, and it can be easily combined with the building. These advantages are beyond the reach of other power generation methods.

Crystalline silicon Solar panel are developing in the direction of high efficiency, thinning and large area.

Good economic benefits have been generated in areas where electricity is not available and where the cable is inconvenient.


Nowadays, the use of Solar panel is becoming more and more popular. There are more and more people using solar power systems. Many homes or projects design and install a solar power system, which is energy-saving and safe and pollution-free.Saved money and generated good economic benefits for many families.

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