Description of solar thermal collector in UK

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1. Pressure resistance.
Our Soalr thermal collector suited for pressure resistance up to 0.6 MPa.
2. Closed and open-loop.
In the closed loop system, commonly used heat exchanger, which can be located both inside and outside the storage tank of hot water. With the open-loop system is often used in warm climates, where there is no risk of frost. UK use both closed and open systems, because it has a function of controlling pressure, temperature and freezing protection.

3. Efficiency.

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The advantage of solar tubes is that its inner tube is protected from heat loss. This means that the heat immediately after the absorption of water does not go into the environment. Such insulation properties are a key difference between solar tubes and flat solar collector. And since the heat transfer efficiency heat pipes is very high, UK has a high heat capacity throughout the year.
4. Aesthetics
If you want to install solar hot waters in their roof, for you, of course, but how it will look. UK has low-profile design and is located close to the surface of the roof. Pipe black and well combined with the roof of any color. Thermal conductivity of stainless steel, and can be output connectors on the back or the side. Thermal conductivity with a rear exit allows you to hide the water pipes for heat conductor UK. Furthermore, the compound rear allows you to put next to close two or more SC. Side connection is mostly used in large-scale projects to facilitate joining the ranks of the UK and to reduce the pressure drop in the pipeline.
5. Cost
The high cost of the UK with the pipes, and in fact all of the UK, until recently, was the main obstacle to the beginning of their widespread use. Our UK - a high-performance, reliable in operation system, with its high heat capacity. Rational scheme of our UK and the low cost of their production have made them widely available and quickly pay off.

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6. Fouling
Fouling is a concern in many regions, as it gradually leads to blockage of water, especially in systems with hot water. If the water in the pipe is very rigid, can prevent the formation of scale in the following way:
1. Use an electric or magnetic water softener to the water network.
2. Use of a closed loop system.
7. Application on a large scale
For solar water heating large amounts of water and can be used in hotels, airports, homes, or other places where you need hot water. Cost-effectiveness of such systems is higher than domestic, as instead of the pump and tank for every one or two solar collectors used one tank and one pump for 50 soalr thermal collectors. 
Our soalr thermal collectors withstand hydrostatic pressure, have corrosion resistant and can be mounted in rows and / or in parallel, so that they are suitable for large and small projects.

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