Description of Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors and its application

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In this type of Evacuated Tube Solar Collector, the absorption band is located in a vacuum and pressure-proof glass tube. Directly through the absorber heat transfer fluid flow in a U-tube, or in a pipe in the pipe system countercurrent. Serial interconnect, single-tube or pipe connected to each other through the manifold, so that make up the solar collectors. A heat pipe, the collector, using a special kind of the start of the fluid, even at low temperature evaporation. Steam rising in each heat pipe and the heat exchanger of the heating device for a separate carrier fluid. The condensed liquid then flows back to the basis of the heat pipe.

Evacuated tube Solar Collectors

The piping must be angled so that in a specific level above the level of the process of evaporation and condensation. There are two types of solar collector connected to the circulatory system. Whether the heat exchanger extends directly to the manifold ("wet connection"), or it is by a thermally conductive material ("dry connection") is connected to the manifold. A "dry contact" allows individual tubes without emptying the entire system of fluid exchange. 
Vacuum tube provides the advantage of their work effectively with high temperature and a low radiation absorbent body. Higher temperatures can also be obtained in applications such as hot water heating, steam production, and air conditioning.

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