Delivering hot water as a service

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High Quality Project Use Solar Hot Water


Solar thermal systems are making a comeback in the United States, and companies such as Fat Spaniel technologies will play a role.
First there was software as a service. But hot water as a service?
It happens, says Chris Beekhuis, Chief Technology Officer at Fat Spaniel technologies, which makes hot water systems and other energy equipment functions monitored how well solar cells, solar thermal energy.
Anyone interested in the provision of more solar thermal hot water systems are hotels, public buildings and utilities. (They are pretty self-explanatory: caught heat from the Sun and to the warming of water.) The Federal Government in the deed has put a mandate that is 30% of the production of hot water in new or renovated buildings from solar thermal systems with reserved depending on the regional climate.
None of these companies but really wants to own the device or wait. This is where EnerWorks, a thermal solar system specialists and Fat Spaniel hope to come in. EnerWorks is the system to make, while FAT information on Spaniel, how well the system works, collecting data for carbon credits or other government programs will provide, and schedule maintenance.
The owner of the building or lessee then pays a fee to a provider. Similar ideas are out there for solar panels for generating electricity.
"Laundromats, apartment buildings, hotel chains are all very open-minded to go in the direction of a service model," he said. Solar thermal systems are "a large operation to load client."
EnerWorks and Fat Spaniel have already a deal with a food conglomerate signed, to call the fallen. Food processors need water, which is 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Hotel chains and homes need water in the 120-degree range.
Solar thermal water heating were big in the sun belt in the 1920s in the United States natural gas, but was plentiful and cheap, and utilities began creating the infrastructure for natural gas, the displaced persons solar hot water heaters. (With a conspiratorial mindset will be all the time and current thermal solar plants something hideous that, but not to forget – the Sun does not shine with systems that heat supplemented with gas.)
Solar thermal systems are great in Greece, Israel, Spain and other countries of the Mediterranean and make a comeback in the United States China makes huge investment both in the production and installation of solar thermal systems.
You can see it in Canada. Mondial energy, an early solar thermal advocates has solar thermal plants laundromat and senior living centers in the area of Toronto used in.
Deploying Fat Spaniel software around with solar thermal systems are working, said Beekhuis, was fairly easy. The system measures in / out effectively, whether the underlying phenomenon is turning to kilowatt hours or therms. Fat Spaniel is one of the companies, see pretty much on the clean tech Conference.

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