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Solar Flat Panel

Deliver concentrator photovoltaic cell manufacturer to $103 million solar systems in very Spain.
Solfocus, supplier of concentrator photovoltaic systems, has a $103 million (€ 80) is dealing with EMPE solar, a Spanish group, which promotes the use of solar power signed.
Solfocus plates, usually aluminium and glass are 95% recyclable.
(Credit: Solfocus)
Concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) systems usually use lenses and mirrors, to focus light on solar cells, to the amount of electricity they can produce to maximize.
Solfocus plans the installation of 10 megawatt CPV systems in South Spain EMPE solar between now and 2010 as part of the deal.
Solfocus has completed three utility-scale projects in Spain.
The 10-megawatt plant would collectively generate sufficient energy to supply a city with 40,000 inhabitants, and remove to replace 27,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year, if the conventional fossil generators of energy.
It is solar the largest use of concentrator photovoltaic solar installations in Europe so far, according to a joint statement from Solfocus and EMPE.
Sunny Spain is the recipient of $103 million in the value of CPV systems between now and 2010.
(Credit: Solfocus)
"EMPE solar searches only the most innovative solutions for current cost for our customers to reduce." "The value in our region has proven its technology Solfocus, and we are confident that us to allow, quickly reach our cost targets for carbon free energy" EMPE Solar partner Eduardo Goicoechea and Sebastian Sebastian said in a joint statement.
The other claim to fame Solfocus makes, is that its CPV systems itself, especially from aluminium and glass art are components for the environment, since they are 95% recyclable.
But, Solfocus is not the only company advertises good news Monday for solar technology. Cool Earth solar announced it rolls its solar balloon prototype in the next two weeks.

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