Construction concern when fire fighting: solar water heater

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a set of photovoltaic panels mounted on the south wall of a college classroom buildingRenewable energy increased in the late 20th century as the price of oil products was more attractive. Technologies have been developed to generate solar energy for the production of heat and electricity for the building.        Two types of solar panels are photovoltaic cells, which convert solar energy directly into electricity and solar water heaters which heat the sunlight for the production of heat water or a heat carrier fluid as an energy source, to the building or its domestic water supply.        Both types of solar collectors can be either fixed panels, usually on the South or southwest side of the building, or tracking collectors, to use the small motors to rotate the collector around the Sun for a higher efficiency.        Both types of solar panels can be installed as part of the new buildings, or can be added to existing buildings.                                            (1) Photo 1 shows mounted a series of photovoltaic panels on the south wall of a college classroom building. These plates are versatile and can be mounted almost anywhere there is good exposure to the Sun. It has been suggested that these items on the walls, such as awnings over the Windows of the Windows from direct sunlight and shadow could be mounted, the energy convert into electricity. This type of installation can with the use of ground ladders and interfere with antenna equipment.

a set of solar water heater collectors on the roof of a motel


(2) Photo 2 shows a number of solar system on the roof of a motel. Most provide the heat for hot water and the swimming pool.        Each of these types of collectors can be set up, keep the overview of the position of the Sun, to increase the efficiency.        The main concern for the Fire Department of solar collectors include the following:        You can prevent, or firefighter access to roofs for ventilation or other mix with a.        You can prevent or with firefighter outside rescue hinder access to Windows for ventilation or.        When they are installed on an existing building, they offer an eccentric load on the wall, or you can exceed the payload in the technical calculations for the roof.        She can be not switched off. Although she can be electrical or heat from the building by the switch are isolated, continue to produce circuit breakers or valves, the collectors to electricity or heat, as long as they are exposed to sunlight. Some photovoltaic cells are so sensitive that they to produce some electricity from the exposure to street lighting. Although covers or opaque substances of their electrical or heating capacity reduced cover these collectors with rescue, the fire to an electrical shock or hot water can be used from burns.        You can to significant weight to a structure that not designed to fill to add.        If solar panels are broken during the fire, the firefighters by an electrical shock or hot water burns hurt.        Solar collectors of any kind of a building must be down in our preincident.

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