Can we drink solar heating water?

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Can we drink solar heating water?

It is not recommended to drink directly. Solar water heaters convert solar energy into heat by absorbing solar energy, and store hot water in solar water tanks.

Although the inner barrel of some solar water tanks is made of food-grade stainless steel SUS304, due to

Tap water contains some organic matter. After a long storage time, it will produce nitrite and cannot be used as drinking water.

And the solar water heater in the general family is very easy to accumulate old water, coupled with the connected water pipe, hard water is heated to produce scale, long-term immersion in hot water may release some bad substances, so it is not recommended to drink the water in the solar water heater.

However, Sunflower Solar's SFD model solar water heater with copper coil uses the design of adding a copper coil to the water tank, allowing the tap water pipe to be directly connected to the water inlet of the copper coil. When people use hot water, the tap water switch is turned on and water is heated by the heat in the water tank through the copper coil, and finally the heated fresh tap water is obtained! This design can bring drinkable water, provided that it must be boiled.

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