Brief introduction of how to make a solar collector

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It is promoting that the use of solar energy, because it is a renewable forms of energy, it seems that there is hope in the future of energy resources and services.

The main characteristics of the solar accept her collection plate, in the sun during the day. The solar collector plate is a medium through which to collect and store the largest solar.

Solar collector

The solar collectors are generally of two types: vacuum tubes and flat-panel. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and this is for the user to determine the best, at least until the design, instead of the two on the market. With the flat plate solar collector panels, you can get the biggest solar. But with the movement of the sun, the sun tilt and collector plates become less effective.
An evacuated solar collector plate is cylindrical in shape, so regardless of the direction of the sun, the amount of energy collected remain almost unchanged. The main function of these solar panels to keep out the cold and retain heat. That glazing coated panel facing the sun and its internal and thermal insulating packaging, to save the heat loss causes. In the manufacture of solar panels, you need to remember that the main function of the panel.

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