Bifacial Solar Panel

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Bifacial Solar Panel


Solar panels have developed rapidly in recent years. Bifacial Solar Panel has once again become a hot spot in the energy industry. The photovoltaic glass used in the early days is difficult to balance the price, strength, weight, light transmittance and other factors, so there is no large-scale mass production; but with the improvement of photovoltaic glass technology in recent years, the quality of photovoltaic modules has been improved. A product with relatively balanced elements. The biggest advantage of Bifacial Solar Panel: excellent and reliable power generation efficiency and high power consumption.

【Main body】:

1. What is Bifacial Solar Panel

   Bifacial Solar Panel is a photovoltaic module composed of two pieces of glass and batteries, replacing the backplane and aluminum frame structure of traditional solar panels. When the sun shines on the double-sided module, part of the light will be reflected by the surrounding environment to the back of the double-sided module. This part of the light can be absorbed by the battery, thereby making a certain contribution to the photocurrent and efficiency of the battery.

2. Bifacial Solar Panel structure

According to the packaging technology of Bifacial Solar Panel, it can be divided into double-sided double glass modules and double-sided (with frame) modules. The structure of Bifacial Solar Panel includes: double glass + frameless structure; double-sided (with frame) modules adopt transparent back Board + frame form, etc. Mainstream structure of double glass bifacial modules.

3. Advantages of Bifacial Solar Panel

①Longer lifespan: The average lifespan can reach 30 years, which is longer than the 25 years of conventional components. The life cycle power generation is about 21% higher than that of general components.

②The glass structure of Bifacial Solar Panel is more resistant to abrasion and corrosion, and the water permeability is almost zero. The fire rating is also upgraded from C to A of ordinary crystalline silicon modules, which is widely used in high temperature, high humidity, desert, seaside, etc. Kind of application environment. In addition, double-glass solar panels are more wear-resistant than general components and can resist wind sand. The high strength of glass can reduce the problem of snail pattern cracking. No aluminum frame design can reduce PID attenuation rate.

③The insulation of glass is better than that of metal backplane, so double-glass solar panels can accept higher system voltage, reducing the overall construction cost of photovoltaic power plants.

④Bifacial Solar Panel has better light transmittance, and its light transmittance characteristics also make Bifacial Solar Panel more suitable for integration with general buildings, and can take into account power generation, beauty and lighting.


  In general, Bifacial Solar Panel will generate more electricity than conventional solar panels, which will also become a major trend in solar energy. However, conventional solar panels are also indispensable. You can choose the solar panels that suit you according to your own advantages.

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