Application of hybrid solar air conditioner

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In the context of global warming, solar energy, as an outstanding representative of new energy, has been favored by countries around the world. Under the trend of low-carbon energy saving, solar energy based on photothermal technology has been applied to various industries to continuously improve the energy structure. Solar air-conditioner, a new type of air-conditioner unit that is generally considered to have broad prospects, has once again attracted the attention of the industry.


Solar absorption air-conditioner system mainly includes absorption refrigerator, air-conditioner box, solar heat collector, water storage tank and automatic control system.

In the summer, the hot water heated by the collector first enters the water storage tank. When the temperature of the hot water reaches a certain value, the water storage tank supplies the heat medium water to the refrigerator; the hot water flowing out of the refrigerator and cooled down flows back to the water storage tank. Then, the collector is heated to high-temperature hot water; the refrigerant water produced by the refrigerator is passed to the air-conditioner box to achieve the purpose of cooling and air-conditioner.

In winter, the hot water heated by the collector is also entered into the water storage tank. When the temperature of the hot water reaches a certain value, the water storage tank directly supplies hot water to the air-conditioner tank to achieve the purpose of heating and heating.

The customer of this article is from Oman, which belongs to the tropics. The sun is very good. The customer emphasizes that the highest temperature in their country can reach 53 ° C. Air conditioner is an essential appliance for them. However, the price of electricity in Oman is high, and the Oman Electricity Authority advocated the use of sustainable energy in 2018. Combining the advantages of their environmental climate and the high cost of electricity, solar air conditioner is a good choice.

The customer's room area is about 25 square meters. In view of the high temperature in their country and the customer wants better cooling results, a single-cooled solar air conditioner of 24000btu is recommended.

The customer installed after receiving the goods, and two problems occurred during the installation:

First:Pipeline freezes. Generally speaking, pipeline freezes for three reasons:

Normal frosting When the air conditioner starts to operate, the condensing temperature and condensing pressure are both low, and the capillary liquid supply volume is lower than the normal value, which causes the evaporation pressure to decrease. This causes frosting of the low-pressure liquid supply pipe. But this frosting to melting is only a short-term process. Generally, frosting starts after the compressor is running. Within 5 minutes, the entire frosting and melting process has ended and the air conditioner has entered normal operation. 2. The refrigeration system is dirty, causing the refrigerant to circulate abnormally, which results in frost. The connecting pipe has a phenomenon of interception. Check the pipe by yourself to see if it is cramped and bent. If there is, it means that the pipeline is blocked, and you can consider changing the pipe. Frost treatment of air conditioner 1. Air conditioner filter is blocked; clean the air conditioner filter regularly. 2. The blocked air-conditioner capillary will also cause the icing of the low-pressure air-conditioner tube; remove impurities in time. 3. Detect if there is a problem of lack of fluorine or refrigerant leakage in the air conditioner; check for leaks in time and re-fluoride the air conditioner after elimination. 4. It may be caused by insufficient refrigerant. Do not add refrigerant if the ice will melt after a few seconds. If it takes too long, you need to add refrigerant. 5, when the air conditioner is running, because the capillary liquid supply is lower than the normal value, it will also cause the ice condition of the low pressure pipe of the air conditioner;

After customer inspection, it was caused by insufficient refrigerant. After the refrigerant was added, the air conditioner slowly returned to normal.

 Application of hybrid solar air conditioner

Second: Internal machine shows E4 error

Question 1 Is it started or run for a certain period of time?

Solution 1: Turn on the machine to check if there is wind blowing out (if there is).

2 Whether the outdoor unit is turned on, you can hear the wind of the outdoor unit and the buzzing sound of the compressor

Under normal circumstances

Question 1 whether the installation is correct, such as; whether a valve switch is fully open, whether the connecting pipe is firmly connected, whether there is a deflection in the connecting pipe, lengthening, etc. (whether leakage of fluorine)

Whether the air inlets of the inside and outside machines are covered or shifted or are too small. Whether the system pressure is normal (normal indoor 27 ℃, outdoor 35 ℃, system return pressure R22 0.5-0.55MPa R410A 0.9-0.95MPa

Whether the degree of vacuum is normal (under normal operation, the hand fluctuates very little or does not move, otherwise the fluctuation is large or fast)

After investigation, it is because the valves of the four interfaces have not been fully opened, resulting in poor operation. After the customers have opened the four interfaces, the air conditioner can operate normally.


Throughout the process of troubleshooting, the customer was very satisfied with our service, and the customer said that he also learned a lot from this process, knowing the solutions to common problems of air conditioners, he can also help his customers after sales.

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