Advantages and differences between solar photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation

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The global new energy market is gradually developing. Solar photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation occupy the dominant market. Many people are interested in solar power generation. In fact, solar power generation is divided into solar photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation, but there is still a need for people. Knowing the difference and advantages of the two, the following mainly introduces the advantages and differences between solar photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation.

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Advantages of solar photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation:

1.Advantages of solar photovoltaic power generation

①No risk of exhaustion;

②Safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution, absolutely clean (no pollution);

③Unlimited by the geographical distribution of resources, the advantages of building roofs can be utilized; for example, areas without electricity, and complex terrain;

④It can generate electricity on site without consuming fuel and erecting transmission lines;

⑤High energy quality;

⑥The construction period is short, and the time taken to obtain energy is short.


2. Advantages of solar thermal power generation

①The power quality is excellent and can be directly connected to the grid.

Solar thermal power generation has the same principle as conventional fossil energy in thermal power generation. It converts thermal energy into electrical energy through the Rankine cycle, Brayton cycle or Stirling cycle, and directly outputs AC power. It does not need inverter conversion like photovoltaic or wind power. The transmission technology is relatively mature and has high stability, so it is more convenient to interface with the power grid and the power quality is good.


②It can store energy and adjust peaks to achieve continuous power generation.

The shape of the load curve of the power grid is similar to the natural curve of solar power generation during the day. The morning load rises with time and decreases with time in the afternoon. Therefore, solar power generation is a natural power grid peak load, and the load ratio can be determined according to the maximum load difference between the day and night of the power grid. Generally can account for 10-20% of the ratio;

Benefiting from the easy storage of thermal energy, all solar thermal power plants have a certain degree of peak shaving and scheduling capability, that is, buffering and smoothing of power generation through thermal conversion, and can cope with the transient instability of solar energy;

Energy storage is a major bottleneck in the development of renewable energy. Practice has proved that the efficiency and economy of heat storage is significantly better than that of electricity storage and pumped storage. The solar thermal power station with special heat storage device can not only replenish energy when starting and when it is cloudy to cloudy, ensuring stable operation of the unit, and even can realize uninterrupted power generation 24 hours after sunset, and can be based on load and power grid. Demand for power peaking and scheduling.


③The cost advantage under the scale effect is outstanding.

Because the thermoelectric conversion link is the same as thermal power, solar thermal power generation also has a significant scale effect with thermal power, which is superior to wind power and photovoltaic. With the advancement of technology and the expansion of industrial scale, the cost of solar thermal power generation will soon be close to or even lower than the cost of traditional fossil energy generation.


④Clean and pollution-free, helping carbon emission reduction.

Although photovoltaic power generation is clean, the production of silicon wafers is high in energy consumption and high in pollution. However, solar thermal power generation does not need to refine heavy metals, rare metals and silicon, and there is no pollution in production and power generation. It is a true clean energy source.


The difference between solar thermal power generation and solar photovoltaic power generation

1). Different power generation principles

Solar photovoltaic power plants use solar panels to absorb visible light from sunlight to form photoelectrons and generate electric current.

Solar thermal power generation uses a medium such as molten salt or oil to absorb heat from sunlight, and uses a steam turbine to convert it into electrical energy.


2). The grid is difficult to be different

Solar photovoltaic power generation is greatly affected by the intensity of sunlight exposure. After the Internet, it brings great pressure to the power grid. Its power generation form is unique, and it is difficult to merge with traditional power plants.

The solar thermal power generation system can improve the output characteristics by adding a heat storage unit or by supplemental combustion or combined with conventional thermal power, the output power is stable, and the power is adjustable. In terms of the difficulty of grid connection, CSP has more advantages than conventional PV. The heat-generating power output characteristics (tank and tower photothermal power generation) are improved by heat storage. Excess heat is stored during the day, and stored heat is used to release electricity during the night. This enables continuous power supply of CSP to ensure current stability and avoid the problem of peaking in the network that is difficult to solve by photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation.


3).Different levels of pollution to the environment

Solar thermal power generation is a clean production process, which basically uses physical means for photoelectric energy conversion, which has minimal environmental hazard. The CO2 emission of the solar thermal power station has a life cycle of only 13~19g/kWh.

The Achilles heel of photovoltaic power generation technology is that the solar cell has a large loss to the environment during the production process, and it is a production process with high energy consumption and high pollution.


Both solar thermal power generation and solar photovoltaic power generation occupy an important position in the new energy market, but the two are not absolute. They are not the opposite and alternative relationship. They each have their own advantages. The two complement each other and the application fields have their own Focus on.

The advantage of solar photovoltaic power generation lies in the distributed. In the construction of load center, combined with the development of energy storage and other industries, local power generation can be used locally.

The advantage of CSP is that it is large-scale, suitable for building large-scale CSP stations in suitable conditions and then transporting them over long distances.

Therefore, we should combine the two to give full play to their respective advantages in different fields, achieve a win-win situation, achieve the goal of maximizing renewable energy, and bring more convenience to our lives.


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